Little Bit of Inspo || Your Writing Is Your Own

Hello Readers!

So, my brain is kinda dead today but I have had a little something on my mind that I wanted to share with you all and that is this:

Your writing is your own and no one else!Β  You cannot let other people tell you what you can and can’t write. Your writing is your own. What you want to write is your choice. Sure, people can (and probably will) tell you you can’t or shouldn’t write the story you are or that you don’t have the skill or level of expertise to, but that is not true. As a writer, you get an idea and you love it and don’t let others change that for you. You write that story, ignore judgment and keep going! You will be surprised what you can do with your writing and you will also be surprised, at the end of it, how far you have come πŸ™‚

Your writing is your own and for that reason and that reason alone, keep going.


Until Next Time

Adriana Gabrielle


6 thoughts on “Little Bit of Inspo || Your Writing Is Your Own

  1. SO SO TRUE. :’) I’ve had people tell my book “won’t work” before and I’m so glad I trusted my instincts and kept with it because IT IS THE BOOK OF MY SOUL. haha. I love writing.

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  2. It can be so hard not to let others negatively influence you because of their doubts, but it is so important to ignore what others say about your writing and follow your heart. Of course you probably shouldn’t ignore all critique, but critique is way different from discouragement. Thanks for the inspiring post, Adriana!

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