Top Ten Tuesday|| Ten Book Related Problems I Have

Hello Readers!

Sorry for my absence of a TTT post last week…I completely forgot about that one somehow and I am not really sure how either. (My brain sometimes…*shakes head*) Anyways! This weeks post is going to be a fun one! It’s Top Ten Book Related Problems I Have.



So, lets just start off with a bad one…. #1 I read books but am sometimes to lazy to review them!

Yes, scold me all you like for that one….I am really trying to get better at that. At least I am QUEEN OF RE-READS therefore I will have no problem because all I have to do is re-read like…15 novels…That’s really adding to my TBR pile you guys… Yikes I have to get at least some control over that. >.<


2. I incorporate quotes and words/names from books on a daily basis.


3. I ALWAYS check out more books at the library than I could possibly read in the two weeks I have them.

pile of books


4. After reading (or watching) anything Jane Austen I always default to Old English for a while.

love the sound of old English! Even just reading it is lovely!

love the sound of old English! Even just reading it is lovely!


5. I create fan art! Do I ever show it to the world? Nope. Should I? Probably…


Hey look....Fanart

Hey look….Fan-art

6. I take personality quizzes after I read the books to see which characters I am!


7. I cannot stop talking books!

No matter what the conversation starts as, it always leads to a conversation about books somehow…

Belle talking books


8. I have a very strict set of rules if you want to borrow one of my books…

Oh and...IF you break the spine, I break you!!

Oh and…IF you break the spine, I break you!!


9. Don’t make fun of my ships and we are friends, but if you do make fun of them well…



10. I obsess!


*accurate representation of the stages of obsessing/fangirling over a book*



So that’s my post! Hope you liked it!


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday|| Ten Book Related Problems I Have

  1. I do declare, and I must be honest, that this list is a very grand list, and perhaps its contents should be considered to be among a very excellent sort in the manner of comparing the daily strife that all lovers of books must suffer through. I was particularly enchanted with your fifth number, and I fear I must encourage you to pursue the creation of your fan-art, for it is a great talent, and many a person would be overjoyed to see it, and to that, I should also add that it enhances your bond with the novel.

    Yet I digress, for which you have my apologies. I commend you on your production of this list, and wish you a very good day, or at least, should I have calculated the spin of the earth incorrectly, a good night.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha thanks 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it 😀 I have been considering revealing some of the fan-art I do to the world but then I doubt myself haha….should probably share it though xD

      Thanks for commenting 🙂


  2. Ahhh yess. My main problem is checking out more books than I could possibly read. Then I’ve got this huge pile on my desk beckoning me oh so effectively despite the fact that I really should be doing… OH FORGET IT. BOOKS RULE!

    Liked by 1 person

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