New Blog!

Hello Readers!

Welcome to the ‘New’ blog! So I am so much in love with you all right now because I step away from the computer for under an hour and I have over 300 followers! That makes me so happy you guys! To be honest I really never thought I would get 10 followers let alone 300!

Now, I am pulling out this GIF to show you all my excitement. Excuse me while I do a happy dance here…



Anyways, this is the new blog. I have some pages that are under construction that I will get up ASAP but I figured I should at least get the blog name up and all that goodness for you all 🙂

Oh! And before you all prance off, what do you think of the new name? and the look?


Oh…and one more thing…CAKE FOR YOU ALL! *gives you all cake*


Thank you all for being so amazing!

Adriana Gabrielle


8 thoughts on “New Blog!

  1. Your blog is awesome! AND you used a GIF of Thomas/Dylan and his friends dancing to celebrate! *cries happy tears out of love for the cast, and book, and movie, and just everything TMR related*

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