Chatterbox Linkup!

Hello Readers!


Okay! So, today I decided to jump in on a Link-Up on Rachel Heffington’s Blog, Inkpen Authoress, in which she gives a theme and we post a scene involving that said thing.

This months theme/topic has to include ‘Pyrotechnics’ So, on with the post! (This scene is from my WIP ‘Overdue’)

“Okay. So what do we have?” Gage sighed pressing the palms of his hand on the table.

I smirked, placing my tablet on the table and powering it on so he could see. “I have maps of both the security buildings and have mapped out where all the sensors are in the main building. I don’t know why this guy needs so much security at his party, but you can bet we will get past it.”

“You’re positive?” I watched as Gage turned to me, his dark eyes not hiding his doubt in my skill.

I crossed my arms. “Yes, sir.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.” I smirked as someone behind me choked back laughter.

“Flick. You will find yourself removed from this mission..” Gage warned as I spotted a tall shadow loom over me out the corner of my eye.

“You know you would be nowhere without me.” I stated as another smirk pulled as the corner of my mouth. “..Sir.”

A clearly audible grunt of frustration emanated from Gage’s throat. “Ryker, what do you have?”

A loud slam broke the silence that hung around us, causing my heart to race. Ryker, the shadow looming beside me that looked more intimidating than the scrawny person it belonged to, had slammed a small, metal container down on the table. Inside the open container were fireworks.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to keep the laughter bubbling inside of me to remain there as Gage gave him a look that asked, very clearly, if he was serious. “Ryker. When I said explosives I did not mean fireworks.”

“They’re the same thing! One with just a little more color!” He replied almost instantly.

My hand shot up in the air before I could stop it. “I request the opportunity to work with a smarter individual.”

~From Adriana Gabrielle’s Dystopian WIP titled ‘Overdue’


So, thats my linkup! Hope you enjoyed that little snippet AND if you want to do it yourself. Pop on over to Rachel’s blog (link above) and do it for yourself!


Until Next Time!

Adriana G.


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