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I am back with another interview! Once again, I apologize for the lack of posts lately… I have finals next week and this week MUST be devoted to mostly studying my brains out. :/ Also, before we get this interview started, if YOU (Yes, you) would like to be interviewed, you can contact me through my ‘Contact’ page and let me know. I would be so glad to have you on my blog!

Now, on to this lovely interview by this amazing author!


Welcome! So, Tell me who you are and a bit about yourself! 

I’mT. A. Christensen (pen name) I’m a 16 year old girl from New Zealand. I have two brothers, 0 sisters, and I go to a Christian school on the edge of town. I love reading and writing and I play the flute.


Do you have a published novel? Or are you still working on a WIP?

No, I don’t have a published novel yet. I’m working on one about a girl by the name of Sarah. She was born with a physical defect and has spent her whole life being bullied and picked on because of it. For this reason she has really low self esteem, so the plot is basically about her figuring out who God is and why He would love someone like her.
I’d say it’s a YA/teen Christian contemporary. Oh, and it’s called Face the Facts.



Traveling! Do you love it? Why? Where is a place you dream of going one day?Anywhere you want to go or have been? Wether a place where writing research is to be done or story ideas to be discovered OR just for fun 🙂

Yes, I do love travelling! I have been all over New Zealand. I also went to Canada (Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Toronto, and PEI) and the US (just to California) when I was eight, as well as taking a trip by myself to Australia at the end of 2013/start of 2014 to visit a friend of mine. 

One day, I would love love LOVE to travel all over Europe, and while it would be for fun, I’m sure I would discover some new inspiration along the way!


What kind of music do you love to listen to? Any specific music or songs you listen to while writing/reading?

I always have to have music on, especially when I’m writing. I’m either listening to my favourite Christian station, which plays everything from worship to heavy metal, or I’m listening to my playlist on Spotify, which features a lot of Tenth Avenue North.
As for specific songs for when I’m writing and reading, as long as I have music on, it doesn’t really matter.


Is there a message within your novel(s) you are wanting readers to grasp? A certain feeling you want them to walk away with?

That God loves them, no matter what. That’s basically the key theme and idea in my current WIP, and I want to continue that theme throughout the rest of my novels.


It’s story time! Tell me your story! When and why did you start to write? What inspired you to start writing?

I started to write the minute I knew how. I’ve always loved reading, and j mean ALWAYS, and so I used to want to write so that others could enjoy my books as much as I enjoyed theirs. However, my attempts to write previously only ended with a few short stories or an idea just left in midair.
But recently, I read a novel that a friend of mine had written about a girl with the same condition as my character, and I decided that I wanted to try writing about that condition too, which is how I got the inspiration for my current WIP.



Now, I always feel the need to ask this (and I don’t know why), When it comes to mythological creatures, which is your favourite? Why? (Is this creature more commonly known or not? Any particular myths you enjoy?)

Unicorns. Hands down. When I was between the ages of five and ten, I used to say that rhinoceroses were my favourite animals because unicorns weren’t real and so a rhinoceros was the closet thing to a unicorn, because of the horns.
I don’t know why, I just love them. I guess my parents are probably the ones to blame since they gave me a giant soft toy unicorn when I was five.


Which fictional character (of your own) do you feel you relate to most, and why?

Definitely Sarah, because she was initially kind of based off of me! I know that sounds kinda weird and self centered, but its true. I also have the condition that she has, and so I know how she feels when she is moaning about it. Eventually, she just developed into her own person with the complete opposite Meyers Briggs personality type to me, but a lot of the stuff that she says and feels is coming straight from me and my life.


Which fictional character (not your own charcater) do you feel you are most liek to/relate to most, and why? (It can be a character from a TV show, movie or book! Up to you!)

Well, in my family we say that I am a combination of Sue and Brick from The Middle. If you haven’t seen it, then basically one is socially awkward and the other never stops reading. Oh, and one of them is really short.


Which genre do you like to read? Do you also enjoy writing in that genre? Why or why not?

Mostly anything teen contemporary, a little bit of romance, and some historical.
I write in teen contemporary, so yeah, I do enjoy writing in it, although I’ve never attempted a romance or a historical. I like to write things that I can personally relate to in some way, and teen contemporary seems to be the best way to do that.


Are you a plotter or a pantser when it comes to writing? To outline? or not to outline? That is the question.

Pantser! I will write down the key ideas for my novel and then just start writing. Sometimes I’ll even start writing before coming up with the key ideas. I tried planning it out chapter by chapter, but that plan kind of died after the third chapter. And I had already written the first two.


When did you write your first ‘story’ and how old were you when you wrote it?

When I was about seven, I wanted to publish a series about Uni the Unicorn. I think I wrote about half a book before giving up. I know I wrote before that as well. Oh, and does having an imaginary friend count as writing a story? I never wrote it down, but I could still tell you all about Jock, who I made up when I was probably about three.


What is one (already published novel) you wish you wrote, and why? Is this novel a bestseller? or not as commonly known?

Basically anything by Melody Carlson. She’s such a great author, and her books are so relatable! I just love her novels so much.
I’m not sure how well known she is, since she is a Christian author, but she has won a few awards, so she can’t be too unheard of.


Last thing! Where can we stalk-Um..I mean find you online?
(Social media pages, Links to purchase novels(if any), Blogs etc. etc.)

Right now, it’s just me and my blog!
You can find me at

I’m currently doing a 365 day writing challenge, so I post daily!

Thanks for this opportunity!

That’s awesome! Thanks so much for doing the interview!


So, thats it for the interview today! Remember, if you want to be interviewed, don’t be afraid to contact me! I don’t bite, I promise! I’m a friendly dragon I can assure you. I don’t like being mean to people.


Until Next Time,

Adriana G.


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