Too Many Goals!

Hello Readers!


Okay so my title might lie a bit because I do not have too many in my opinion but they are just big challenges. Now, one of my novels I have started as of this morning but I have at least 3 more novels I need to write by the end of the year!

Now, My first novel is involving a military family novel that I am kinda keeping under wraps at the moment, but I have 5 other beautiful ideas and I need to know which to write next.

I’m counting on you, readers to help me decide! So here is how it’s going to go! Below, I am going to give you a very brief and basic idea of what the story is about (if I know yet) and links to the Pinterest board and such then, from there you can vote your favourite in a poll I will set up and whichever has the most votes in the end, is what I will write next!


#1. The Tale of Fojan Ryo

Genre: Fantasy

This is the story from the POV of a 10 year old girl by the name of Fojan Ryo (meaning Loud Dragon). She lives in the company of dragons, raised by her adopted father who is a dragon rider.

Pinterest board: The Tale of Fojan Ryo


#2. More At Home With Strangers

Genre: YA Contemporary

Four teenage girls, all with their own unbreakable baggage, are suddenly without a place in their own homes. When one couple open the doors of their home to these girls, they discover that sometimes you can be more at home with complete strangers than in your own home.

Pinterest Board: More At Home With Strangers


#3. Speechless

Genre: YA Contemporary (5k Written already)

A teenage by the name of ‘Blythe’ was adopted by the Tennyson family when she was eight years old. They found, within a couple days of her being with them that things from her past had left many scars on her, leaving her selectively mute and afraid to speak, easily frighted whenever thunderstorms show themselves and terrified of the outside world beyond the closed doors of her home.

Pinterest Board: Speechless


#4. Overdue

Genre: YA Futuristic

A group of rebels are on the hunt for who is responsible for the supposed murders disguised in the form of watches implanted in everyone that simply count down to the day you die. (Sorry, not much on this one yet)

Pinterest Board: Overdue


#5. Clinging To Lies

Genre: YA Contemporary

The sequel to my novel ‘Holding on To Grace’ from the point of view of Billie’s now 16 year old son, Edmund. This is a short story about his discovery of his mothers story and how he fits in a lot sooner than he had thought.

Pinterest Board: Clinging To Lies


Now that you have seen/heard about my choices time for you to vote below! (Or comment your vote)

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle



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