Top Ten Favourite Books I Read This Year

Hello Readers!


So, I’m still sticking to the old pick I’m using for Top Ten posts for now and probably for the rest of this week until I can get these pictures set up because my weekend suddenly became busy and I didn’t have time to pull out my camera or anything! Oh well 😛

Today’s Top Ten Post is The Top Ten Books I read this year.



*In no particular order, just my top ten*

1. Skinny by Laura L. Smith


This was an absolutely beautiful book (which I got for free on Amazon and is still free 😉 ) and it was really a great inspiration to me. Easy read, beautiful book, important message.

2-3. Rising and Descending by Holly Kelly


It think y’all know my thoughts on these and how much I love these books… XD Here are the links to both Reviews. Rising and Descending 

4. The Story of Owen by E.K Johnston


Loved this book! Can’t get better than modern day dragon hunters..who are teenagers.

5. The Maze Runner by James Dashner


Um, excuse me. Amazingness and CRUSHED FEELS all over the flippin place!

6. The Follower by C.F Barrows


So much love for this book! I’ve read it about 5 times this year!

7. It’s Addicting by Laura L. Smith


Once again, another beautiful and amazing book with such a great message!

8. My Name is Asher Lev by Chaim Potok


Was assigned this for school reading and I loved it. Such a great story indeed!

9. Worth The Wait (Waltham Academy #1) by Laura Jackson


This was such a great book by a great author! As you can all tell, I love YA Fiction considering most my novels on this list are of that genre. Well half of them.

10. Seeing Through Stones by Rajdeep Paulus


Okay. This book made me cry, but this was beautiful. This is a book people should cry over, not The Fault In Our Stars…Sorry. I shall not be a hater on that book. *cough* any who. Great book, you should read it 🙂

So these are the Top Ten Favourite Books I Read this year. 🙂

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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