My Great Escape

Hello Readers!

It seems I’m finally getting on top of this posting on time thing! Wooh! Thing is that I MEANT to post this one a little earlier today but I got so caught up in reading The Scorch Trials, Fangirling on Twitter (which reminds me you can all find me on there if you want to follow me and chat books and such!) and adding books to my goodreads which I never got around to actually adding even though I actually read them…. I mean my book goal for this year was/is small but I’m pretty sure I’m close to reaching it…I still have all of Christmas break though. I just hope I have enough books since Goodreads doesn’t really count how many times you re-read a book so…yeah 😛 Anyways, on to todays post!



So, I’m a poet, but didn’t know it and I-hold up. *narrows eyes* Apparently I have now started saying the things my Papa does…and that is not a bad thing. (Every time my Papa rhymes he will say ‘Oh, I’m a poet but I didn’t know it’ and I had to use it…Anyways)

I always find an escape when writing. A great escape that stretches on forever, through countless worlds of my creation just by putting words on paper! Putting those words, those feelings down on paper, laying them out there fro you to see and put into a material thing.

That’s why I love writing most of all. You can take their troubles and make others ‘see’ it through the characters struggles and it gives you a material thing that you can put those things too. Writing novels and stories is and probably always will be my escape. But recently I have discovered something…My love for Poetry.

Now some of you might roll your eyes and think that to be a classic author/writer move but hear me out on this.

When I was 9 years old I also started to write poetry and to be honest for a while I loved it more than novel writing and after a couple years and tons of poems later, I was just done with it. I liked novels better and I didn’t want to be a poet anymore but recently I have found, thanks to being ‘forced’ to do poetry for school I found out that, even though I thought I lost that inner poet, I really didn’t.

After writing about 6 poems (all of which need various levels of fixing, but who cares) I just kept writing more and more and getting more and more ideas for poems. I also realized something about poetry…

It gets out certain feelings and emotions novel writing can’t always do.

Poetry, like novel writing, is its own thing both have different ways to channel emotions. Both are a great way of escape.

And both, I find are my ways of escape. I am slowly re-learning the approach to poetry, and quite enjoying it, though a mess it may be. Whether or not anyone will ever set eyes upon my poetry, it is something I will cherish as a personal means of escape and a personal display of my emotions and feelings and I honestly think that, whether it be writing novels or poetry or something else, writing is a form of power this way. A form of magic.

You can take things and twist and pull and tug at it, the words bleeding out onto the paper and take something only you could ever understand or feel and make others understand. Make others see your pain and the way you convey your means of escape from that pain, sorrow, or stress.

And with that, I want to encourage you. Never stop. Don’t ever let those doors slam shut just because you might fear what others think of you or your writing. Don’t let them close off all means to your escape. It’s your escape! Yours alone and no one else. So keep writing, press through, use that escape and don’t let those doors close on you.

That is what I let happen to me but now, I took back the key and reopened my means of escape through poetry and I intend to keep that door open. I encourage you to do the same. Don’t let others burn down the walls of your escape, your safe haven.

Your writing is your own and that always needs to be remembered. Your own not someone elses.


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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