New Authors I Read in 2014

Hello Readers!

So I fell off the tracks for the Top Ten Tuesday Posts on the blog here, but I decided to finally kick my butt in gear and actually get started on it again so, here I am starting up Top Ten Tuesday’s once again. (Oh how I’ve missed them) Though, for those of you who are new here and might not know what Top Ten Tuesday is, its a blog link-up/tag for book lovers where, every Tuesday we are given a book related prompt in which we have to name our Top Ten favorites based off that prompt. If you wanna jump in on this you can stop by ‘The Broke and Bookish‘ Blog and join in too!



So, today’s question/prompt thing-y is ‘Top Ten New To Me Authors That I Read In 2014’ I can think of a whole lot so…lets get started 😀

1. J.K Rowling. Yeah, yeah. Its sad to think that I didn’t grow up with Harry Potter as part of my childhood and believe me, I probably would have…Were I, ya know, allowed to actually read Harry Potter books as a kid. Totally took advantage of my almost adult-ness and got the first two books at the library…Still plugging away at those.

2. James Dashner. I literally JUST finished reading The Maze Runner and I’m kinda obsessed. It’s great and…yeah. I’ll save it for a book review 😛 Great author that James Dashner

3. E. K Johnston. Excuuuuuuuse me y’all. I discovered someone amazing here! This summer I read ‘The Story of Owen’ by E.K Johnston and I am not even close to kidding when I say that her novel is great! If you love Dragons in the Modern World and Bards and Warriors…You will love this book. The one thing that made me upset is that in the book my ship never sailed…*disappointed sigh* other than that GREAT book and GREAT author.

4. Holly Kelly. Once again! Another amazing author. Holly Kelly’s ‘Rising’ series has left me obsessed and dying for more here! Such a great author.

5. K.M Weiland. So I’ve read K.M Weiland’s blog for a couple years now but hadn’t read any of her novels up until I went on a book buying spree earlier this year and purchased a bunch of books including a couple of her books. Wonderful books.

6. Veronica Roth. One of these days I will have loved a series that will become popular and I could be all ‘Hipster’ like and say how I liked said book/author before they were popular but sadly…this was not the case with Veronica Roth…(*cough*look back at #’s 1 and 2…) but besides that I LOVE Veronica Roth’s style and writing and the series…though I am one of those people who will admit that Allegiant was not great…but that’s besides the point!

7. Ted Dekker. Great author. Not my favourite by any stretch (compared to the others on this list) but still great nonetheless….and obviously still on my Top 10 so…still great XD

8. Laura Jackson. I believe it was via one of the authors from Playlist Fiction (I think) that mentioned Laura Jackson and was talking about her novel…It sounded amazing so I bought it and was not disappointed. I am a huge sucker for YA Christian Contemporary novels so yeah. Another great author who’s writing I LOVE.

9. Lisa Tawn Bergren. Gotta love Historical Romance! Probably the BEST historical romance I have ever read in my life. It was so amazing and the entire series I was wishing I lived in Renaissance Italy…Such dreamy writing and amazing stories! Gah. SO much love here for this author!

10. Katie French. Won her first two books on Go Teen Writers and this was my first time reading something from an author who’s books classified as horror. The first one didn’t get freaky (or even ‘Horror’ related at all) until the very end but the second book was most definitely horror. Gave me the heeby-jeebies! Totally creepy but still on my Top 10 partially cause I can now say I read horror and Katie French’s writing style is most definitely unique.


So that is my Top Ten Post for today! Have you heard of any of these authors? Read any of their books for the first time this year?

I have a brief announcement/update blog wise coming in very soon so keep your eyes open for that!

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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