A Very Acapella Christmas

Hello Readers!

music mania

I am FINALLY back with a Music Mania Post!…and a different picture for the Music Mania posts…cause the other one just wasn’t working for me. I may or may not be changing the Novel time one yet…that is left to be determined…I’m a picky blogger. I also know it’s a day before the post need to be done, but I am going away tomorrow for the weekend and that means I should post it now or I will forget. (Knowing me.)

So, since it’s now December it means I get to share some Christmas music with you all! (Finally.) So, this week it is a very Acapella Christmas Post wherein I am gonna share some of my favourite Christmas Acapella Songs. (With the exception of one which I will explain in a moment). I have 3 different artists I’m gonna cover here meaning I’m gonna get right into it!

1. Pentatonix- That’s Christmas To Me (album)

First, can I say that I LOVE this entire album (I will only be showing you my top 3 favourite songs) and that I am so happy because their Christmas album, that came out in October, has sold 408,000 copies of the CD AND The album is the Highest Charting Christmas Album since 1962!! (And their album is also No.1 on iTunes putting Taylor Swifts album in the No.2 slot…) Can I hear some cheering for Pentatonix and their amazing album?

So, Attached (in a Playlist) is my Top 3 favourite song on their album. Those songs are:

1. That’s Christmas To Me

2. Winter Wonderland/ Don’t Worry Be Happy Mashup feat. Tori Kelly

3. Santa Claus is Coming To Town

(All three are in the attached playlist 😉 )




2. Mike Tompkins

So, Mike Tompkins doesn’t have a Christmas album *sniff sniff* BUT he does have two Christmas songs! (One just released a couple days ago and the other released last Christmas) I love Mike Tompkins and have been a huge fan since he put his first video on Youtube! I absolutely love Mike Tompkins and he just keeps getting better and better! So, without further ado here is a playlist with his two Christmas songs. One is an Original called ‘Christmas Rush’ and the other is the video that just released which is a cover of ‘Up on the Housetop’


 3. Kurt Hugo Schnieder- Holiday Medley feat. Max Schneider & Victoria Justice

So, I LOVE Kurt Schnieder. He always brings an amazing creativity to his music and videos and he is extremely skilled! and a bonus Max is in this video and  his voice is amazing! I know this isn’t apace but it is still amazing and beautiful so I had to include it!

Below, I have attached his Holiday Medley and I hope you love it as much as I do!


So, thats it for my post today? Did you have a favourite groups/song that I provided? Is there any amazing songs or artists (not necessarily Acapella) that I missed? I would love to hear some of your favourite Christmas songs! Comment below and maybe it will me in another Christmas Post next Friday or the one after. 🙂

Until Next Time, My Lovely Readers!


Adriana Gabrielle!


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