Novel Time#8- The End of NaNoWriMo

Hello Readers!



I’m back again with another post and I am assuming you have guessed from the title that I have completed NaNoWriMo…but that is where you would all be wrong.

I am very much aware that the month still isn’t over. But I am done for this month. Now it is NOT that I have given up, but it is for these reasons that I cannot continue this year:


1. Schoolwork is drowning me! (Send in the lifeguards!)

I only have the mornings (for the rest of this week) to work on schoolwork and then my afternoons are spent where I am out and about taking my sisters to Christmas Choir Performances, Practices for said Performance and Christmas shopping. For these reasons (and I knew about this right from the start of NaNoWriMo) I cannot continue NaNo simply because I will only have a couple minutes for writing and they will be used for……


2. HoTG Having Higher Demand (and same with my Sci-Fi that will soon be on Wattpad)

So this is my second reason for not continuing. I plan to start sending out Query Letters in the New Years for my novel ‘Holding On To Grace’ (or HoTG) and now I am jumping back in (With the help of Nessa) and I’m doing one teensy weensy edit before I officially have it ready to send it. I MUST polish it up as much as possible! (I fear that being a perfectionist in this stage of writing is both a blessing and a curse…)

So, yeah.  That has a higher demand at the moment….along with my Sci-Fi titled ‘Thirteen Gigabytes’ that I am working on (once again with the Amazing Vanessa’s help) editing that to put up on Wattpad. If not all throughout December at least start putting up during Christmas Break and the New Years. More to come on that very very soon. (Meaning I will give you a synopsis and stuff 😉 )


Okay. SO with that said, I am gonna give you a little update on how my novel went this month.

So I am ‘finished’ and just over 33K words (I might still mess around with it a tiny bit during the rest of the week…we will see.) and so far the story is going really really great!

Now, we are kinda gonna shoot back here and I am gonna introduce you to all my characters and all that goodness again. (Just in case you missed interviews and stuff or if you are new here to the blog.) So lets get started.


Walking_alone_by_al_fahad515 copy

*Image is not mine. This cover is simply for fun*


Title: Aimlessly Wandering

Author: Adriana Gabrielle ( click my name for link to my NaNo page. We can be writing buddies for next year! ;))
Genre: Young Adult
NaNo WC: 33,097 words


The last ten years of Claire’s life have been lonely and love was not top priority. After her parents murder, and twenty foster homes, Claire finally has to decide what to do with her life and who to trust.


Chapter 1

The razor blade slid across my arm leaving a stinging pain behind, as well as a trail of blood.

I counted the scars on my arms. Ten on each one. One for each foster home I’d been to since I was eight. Almost ten years now…

Each scar represented every home I’d stayed at. Every person who I thought loved me, tearing me to shreds every time by giving me away.

Every time.

I guessed it would be about two months before this family didn’t want me anymore either. Which would soon make one more cut, which would then turn into a scar, a permanent reminder.

As soon as I turned eighteen I was getting out of here. Leaving this constant game of tag.

Running to one person, tag you’re it! Oh, We’re bored of Claire now. Next family. Tag you’re it!

This game was getting boring and I was done.


So now that that is done and you now have a basic idea and an excerpt here are a couple character quotes from my main character and then some pics of my main characters!


Claire2 Claire 1Claire4 Claire3

(I would love to hear which quote is your favourite in the comments below!)

Now! I will introduce you to my characters (and link to completed interviews for some of the characters)



First up here is Rowan Scott (on the left) and his foster sister (my FMC) Claire Tyler (Right) and if you click their names you can find their interviews. (There is a bonus ‘Sibling’ interview in Rowan’s)










Okay so on the picture on the left, (Lots of red hair action over here) we have the other members of the Scott family 🙂 (Claire’s foster family)  on the Top of the pic (form Left to Right) we have Sheldon Scott, Claire’s foster father and Kirsten Scott, Claire’s foster mother.

On the Bottom of that picture we have Claire’s other two foster siblings: Ruby (age 3) and George (age 8)


Now for the picture on the right we have Claire’s friends. On the top is Finn. (I actually don’t know his last name….I know I wrote it somewhere but I forgot it…) and the bottom two pictures are (L-R) Lucy Sheridan and Joshua/Josh Sheridan.

So, as you can see this is a basic summary of my novel and a very brief introduction to my characters!

I will be back soon with some more info on both HoTG and Thirteen Gigabytes. So stay tuned for that!

I would love to know about your NaNo Experience. (Either this year or a previous one) What novel did you write? Did you complete NaNo? Still working hard and racing to the finish? I wanna hear from you my lovely readers!


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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