Novel Time#6- Quick Little Update

Hello Readers!



So, I am here to bring you a quick little update on NaNoWriMo and how that is going. (I can’t stay long because I have some major catching up to do)

Today’s word count goal is 30K (on the nose) today and does anyone want to take a guess at how many words I’m at?

Okay guess then I will tell you…….


……….Have you guessed yet?……


…..Okay, here goes………


*drumroll* I am at a measly 23,914 words. So, yeah. 6K words to write by midnight…. (The question is, Can she do it, Ladies and Gentlemen?)

So, yeah. I’m behind but I’m still going and determined to win this! Tons of fun scenes are approaching, and my characters life is slowly getting happier and better and yeah….It’s beautiful. Tis novel will be great and I hope people will love it just as much as I do. Obviously at this point I’m seeing scenes I need to go back and add but I’m saving those for if I finish my novel a little short of the 50k. So, I may be behind but I’m still going strong!

Before I leave I’m gonna share a snippet of a scene with you that really is a big turning point for my character. (That and one of my other characters from another novel makes an appearance here too which is a lot of fun…despite the sadness of this scene)

I ran and ran until I couldn’t feel my legs. I didn’t look back and I didn’t stop. I just kept going and going. I needed to leave and I was going to. I came to a bridge, one I had walked across many times. One that had a raging river that ran beneath it. My heart pounded in my chest as I stood on the thick, metal railing teetering on it dangerously.

No one loves you. No one cares. The voice in my heard whispered as painful memories flashed through my mind. Painfully memories filled with bullies, a broken heart, abusive families, families who didn’t want me and who didn’t care. Days I spent in juvenile detention. Everything. A terrible life. A terrible life I could end, just by leaning towards the river bellow, letting it swallow me.

I felt a hand grab my lower arm. Causing my to jump, which nearly made me lose my footing. I turned to find a woman, maybe in her early twenties standing there, her hand on my arm. Her big brown eyes watched me carefully. “Can I help you?” She spoke softly but courageously. Her soft voice filled with so much power and determination.

“No. No one can.” I replied, not moving, though my eyes flitted away from hers to find two small children standing close behind her, clinging to each other, their big brown eyes wide in confusion as they watched me. My eyes then turned back to look at the woman. “How about you come down and we can talk?”

Yes, I’m mean for doing this to my character, and yes, I am mean for leaving you at a cliff hanger like that. (But that is kinda the point)

Well. Hope you had fun with that and that was my little update (and evil author leaving you with a cliffhanger moment)

Until Next Time. (I’m going back to writing)

Adriana Gabrielle



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