Fun News! and A Caution…

Hello Readers!

It appears I have done it again! I forgot a post this friday. >.< I feel quite bad for that. But being sick and busy does take its toll, doesn’t it? So, even though I missed this Friday I do have some fun stuff to tell you!

1. In case you missed it before, during December I will be uploading my Sci-Fi novel on Wattpad for you lovely readers to enjoy. (You can follow me HERE. and also keep an eyes out for more info on that to be coming soon.)

2. My family and I have started a youtube channel (hence my busyness because we have been busy recording videos!) You can check that out HERE. It’s going to be great and I will be king some videos on there hopefully very soon πŸ™‚ We only have one video up so far (I’m the producer so I am working hard on getting more done) but I make an amazing appearance so…for that reason you should check it out.

3. I have some writing blogs coming up! *EXCITEMENT!* I am wanting to take up Vlogging, so why not do writing vlogs? It’ll be great. Once I get the first one done I will be sure to let you know!

So, now that that is done and I’ve said what I need to say, on to today’s post! (Which I have titled ‘Caution’)



Writing can be fun and a great pass time but as I was writing the other day, writing can be emotionally exhausting and sometimes even stressful or frustrating. I haven’t noticed any real posts on this so I thought I would cover it today, but I want to caution you my readers.

Be careful what you write! Be extremely careful and write with care.

You’re probably wondering why I am telling you to be careful and you have a right to wonder but let me explain a little more.

As you all know, writing is very emotion driven and needs to be in order for readers to connect with the character and understand how they feel about certain situations or how they see the world. Effective writing will portray an emotion or feeling to you and you will be able to feel it. Thats why and how we can cry while reading, laugh while reading, get angry at a character while reading and much more!

And sometimes, writing that emotion or feeling can be hard or stressful. So I caution you, my readers. Be careful when you write.

I write books that deal with topics that people are facing every day in their every day lives. My completed novel ‘Holding on To Grace’ deals with the topics of teen pregnancy, rape and depression.

My most recent WIP (and NaNoWriMo Novel) ‘Aimlessly Wandering’ deals with the trauma and effects losing a loved one or family can have on a person and also addresses the topic of fostering, bullying and depression/suicide

As you can tell just by what they address, these are pretty hard topics which, in order to make believable requires many different emotions and scenarios and writing these things can be hard for many reasons. (and I do write other stories that don’t deal with hard topics like this but I am just giving examples using these few)

1. I am a very emotional person so trying to get these emotions right can be hard at points but yet it can get to me very very easily.

2. As a teen who suffers from depression on occasion, I often times use some orΒ most of those things I have felt when going through that. Doing so can make things a lot harder or even trigger my depression at points. The reason behind it is because I am using my own personal experience, I can feel that again when I try to describe it.

This is why I want to caution you. Writing can be emotionally draining and exhausting and sometimes even triggering to things you are feeling or have felt before.

A friend and I both have the same issues when it comes to our writing and I know she also would caution you while writing certain topics but, while talking to a friend of mine we also came up with some effective ways you can avoid your novels triggering things in you you would much rather not experience to the fullest again. (Because you will always feel some sort of emotion while writing depending on the scene, but sometimes those emotions can trigger things that can last for a long while or a lot longer than just for that scene you are writing.)

So, along with this caution. I also want to share with you a couple ways my friend and I avoid this relapse/trigger when things get a little crazy/hard in our novels.

1. Have a short story or novel with a happier theme or topic.

Yeah, I get it. Life isn’t all happy and perfect and most of the times not fair. (Life can be a jerk sometimes. Just admit it, guys) but having something to work on on the side that has a happier or lighter theme works wonders. The project I am currently working on is the Novella Sequel to ‘Holding on To Grace’ that is called ‘Clinging to Lies.’ I can’t say too much about this novel yet but things are definitely a lot easier simply because my main character lives a fairly normal life with no real hardships except for the fear of not being able to pass math in high school. So really, it is a lots easier to write and kinda fun and a great help when I need a break from my novel just for a couple minutes before going back to it. It really helps a lot.

2. Have a blank word document (or notebook) open and ready for you to grab.

Sometimes as you write a scene, you feel those emotions or feelings bottling up inside of you and , even though you are trying to you can’t really shake it off…even if you’ve move on to a happier scene. Something I have tried, and works out rather well is opening a blank document and just writing out what you are feeling that is bottled inside of you. Rant, type in all capitals, drop sentence structure and grammar and just get it out. I have a word document for that I call ‘Puzzle’ which is just a mix of pieces and how I am feeling and it works beautifully πŸ™‚ or even just journalling is helpful. take your pick.

3. Get active!

Just take a break. Wether you dance around your bedroom to some Meghan Trainor *cough*guilty*cough* (or your all time fav song) or go for a walk or run. Or even work out. It really helps. It is a proven fact that moving and being active can really improve ones mood. So just put aside that writing, don’t think about it and get active! It is effective and works wonderfully. (and hey, you’re working out too. So it’s a win win scenario) Then once you are ready, come right back to it and get going again πŸ™‚

So, thats my post for today, I once again want to caution you but I am also curious. Is there a way you try to avoid those hard feelings or emotions when they get at you? I would love to hear your suggestions below and how they work for you, cause not only are you sharing with me but also with other writers. (because some things work differently for different people)

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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