Novel Time#5.2-NaNoWriMo Update

Hello Readers!



Here is part two of today’s novel time post! So, I forgot to say thank you to all the people who asked my characters some questions which they answered in my previous post from a couple hours ago. (You can get there the easy way by clicking HERE)

So, today I have a couple quotes to show you all here. I would have had more, but I forgot to make more of them as I was writing (because I need to focus on catching up XD) But I do have two quotes for you! One happy, and one is not so happy. Anyways, here you go 🙂





I absolutely love both these quotes a lot and I have more lined up but I have yet to make them. I plan to catch up on my NaNo this weekend (because I am so close!) then I will make more character quotes and show them to you 😀

Now, time for my little update here.

So, It is day 13 of NaNoWriMo (Though it feels like the month should be over already! :O ) and I am currently at a word count of 16,874 words (my target count for the end of today is 26667) and this story has made me cry….a lot. Especially these last couple chapters. They have been heart wrenching and things are just getting harder and harder for my main character but soon…very very soon….my favourite scene is coming. You guys, you guys, you guys! You don’t know how long I have been waiting to write this scene…It is gonna be so adorably awkward for Claire and the other character (who I will not mention due to spoilers!) in this scene. I am dying to write it and cannot wait…. It’s also a good thing that I am excited for that, because by that point, things slowly start to get better for my character at that point… So things are getting better! I can see the sun starting to shine through this storm my character is going through!!

So, yeah…. That’s my little update.

Now, I must go to Starbucks get an Eggnog Latte and get caught up on this word count.

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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