My NaNoWriMo Survival Kit

Hello Once Again My Lovely Readers!

So, these last couple days I’ve been snooping on peoples blogs and seeing tons of Vlogs where people are making their own NaNoWriMo Survival Kits, so I thought ‘Why not make my own?’ So that is what I will be doing (even though I really should be writing right now…)

But, before I show you my ‘NaNo Survival Kit’ I wanted to let you all know that, you can now find me on Wattpad! Coming soon (after NaNoWriMo) I will be editing/uploading my Sci-Fi Novel I wrote for this years Camp NaNoWriMo called ‘Thirteen Gigabytes‘. I will give you more info on that story, as I get closer to when I will be posting that so keep your eyes out for my post on that in a couple weeks. (and meanwhile you can follow me on Wattpad HERE.)

So now, time for my survival kit….

1.) First of all, you need a computer or something to write on for NaNoWriMo, right? So, without further ado I will introduce you to my compuuter, His name is Fred.

(and yes that IS my Spiderman bedding underneath that...)

(and yes that IS my Spiderman bedding underneath that…)

(Yeah yeah. You’re probably rolling your eyes and thinking I need to get a life…or a boyfriend….or maybe both….but don’t judge me XD I like Fred. He keeps me company)

2.) Some sort of caffeinated drink. (Or maybe the occasional protein shake in my case.)

My personal favorite drink is Tea over Coffee and I always have Twinings Earl Grey tea. It is beautiful. That and I have an awesome literary cup with an amazing quote from the amazing C.S Lewis.

FullSizeRender(10) FullSizeRender(11)

 3.) Sometimes a reading break is necessary so having a good book on hand is a good idea.


Please do not panic this book is not mine. I would NEVER abuse a book in such a way :O

4. Sugar is a must!


5. Prepare yourself for crushed feels!

Time to introduce you to my lovely Star Trek blanket I have had for about 17 years now….It is now used as my ‘Cape of Depression’ I use it as a sense of comfort and protection when my feelings are being crushed as I write my novel…be prepared for the feels!


6. Keep Notes/Have your Outline

Keep that pen and notebook handy!


7. Podcasts and Music!

So, I listen to pretty much anything music wise but I’ve also been listening to this Podcast Series by K.M Weiland that is just amazing. It’s called ‘Helping Writers Become Authors’ and yeah..It’s amazing, Check it out.


8. This is a bonus but I find these LED lights amazingly awesome and sometimes helpful…



So, yeah! That is what is in my ‘NaNoWriMo Survival Kit’ and kinda gives you an idea of what my surroundings consist of on a daily basis 😛


So, Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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