Forgotten Interviews

Hello Readers,

I have something quite saddening to mention to you and I do feel quite ashamed to be honest, but I went and asked my friends (un-published authors) to answer some interview questions about their WIP’s and such and I forgot to post them! Lately i’ve been getting tons of junk mail and have left it in my inbox so they got bumped down, but now that I have found them, I am here to tell you that starting on Saturday, I will be putting those up. Because these are such great people and y’all need to meet them and learn about their awesome WIP’s!

I figured I would give you that little update, and keep your eyes open for these awesome interviews!!

But, to start us off, I will post the first interview today 🙂 So, here is Joannah Zimmerman’s review!


Joannah Zimmermans Writer Interview:

My name is Joannah (Jo-âh-nâh) Zimmerman.  I am 16 years old, the oldest daughter of 8 children. I’m a writer, missionary, friend, sister, and daughter of the most high King.  I hope to bring God greater Glory with my life and work, can’t wait to see more of the world and beautiful people in it!

Welcome Joannah! So, Lets start with this, What’s the name of your current WIP (Work In Progress)?


Can you tell us a bit about it and where you are at in the writing process? (First draft, rewrites, etc.)

I’m still gathering information and ideas for it!

Do you outline your novel or just write it?

I tend to just write it, I’ll write down the idea, and the name of characters and start working on their personalities, and what they look like. Then write down other ideas and where they could fit in, and then start writing and get inspiration along the way. 🙂

Sounds great! So, what Inspired you to write this story?

Seeing more and more about teens (AND ADULTS) that are hurting but feel like they have no one to talk to or encourage them so they either just hurt themselves or commit suicide!

Is there a message within your story you hope reader will grasp?

Yes, that there is people out there that care and just don’t know how to say they care! They really want to help but don’t know how to get close enough to be able to say I’ll listen and not judge you because I haven’t walked in your shoes!

Wow, thats great. Do you plan to pursue publication for this novel?

Yes, I don’t want to publish any of my other stories, but this one I want to share so people will know what’s happening!

That is so great! Definitely a message that needs to be shared! Do you relate to any of your characters in any way? If so which character(S) and why?

I can relate in different ways to almost all my characters!  Whether its them feeling stressed because they don’t want to fail the ones they love. Or the helpless feeling of not being able to reach out to people cause you don’t want to be intrusive or look like a stalker because you know so much about the person!

What is the genre of your novel? Have you written/do you write in solely this genre? (If not please specify which genre you have/do write in.)

I don’t know really, I guess it would have to go in Fiction. I’ve written in fiction before, but also historical fiction, fantasy fiction, I have a wide variety and can’t seem to stick in one genre. 😀

When did you decide you were going to be a writer?

I don’t know if there was a certain time, but I’ve always talked to myself, made imaginary friends (none of which came back twelve years later. ;)), and made-up worlds, but I started writing because of one my amazing friends told me about hers and how much she enjoyed writing and sharing her story!

What was your first ‘story’ and how old were you when you wrote it?

My first story I’m not even sure it got a name! All I remember of it was that it was poorly thought out, filled with female characters doing things not even possible for a man! I think I might have been eleven, not quite sure, because all my old stories kinda meld together in my memory!

Sounds like my old stories. But hey, we all gotta start somewhere right? Do you have a blog (or blogs) we can find you at?  

Yes I have three! (Can’t promise that I post that often! 😀 I’m horrible at finding things to write about on them!)

First is my personal blog:

Second is my writing blog:

Third is my work blog that hasn’t really been finished or gotten posted on yet!:


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