Music Mania #2: Skillet- Rise

Hello readers!

music mania

I’m so excited for this weeks Music Mania post! Today, I am going to share Skillet’s new album with you. (when I say new I mean last years most recent album)


This album is called ‘Rise’ and had been long anticipated by many fans including myself. I have been a fan of skillet for a long time now. (When their album ‘Awake’ came out.) Their music is absolutely fantastic! (and great to work out to)

They have great quality when it comes to music and their songwriting is amazing. (I’ll get there in a second) That and they also put on a great show. I saw them live a couple months before their most recent album was released. At the concert they played their song ‘American Noise’ and at that point, no one else had heard it. We were the first concert they played it at which was so cool!

Now, getting to the content of their songs, I have one word. ‘Amazing!’

I love their songs, and they have such a cool songwriting technique. The way they word their songs you can look at their lyrics two different ways. The one way they can be looked at is as christian lyrics, the other way is as non-christian lyrics. I think that is such a great thing and takes skill to do properly. they have the message of Christ in their songs but yet people who don’t believe the same can still listen to and enjoy their music without the message making them feel uncomfortable or people instantly dismissing them due to that fact.

Anyways, I absolutely love their music such amazing songs and really well written and played music šŸ™‚

Now that I’ve told you about them, you can check out the album playlist below and listen to the album. I promise you will not regret it šŸ™‚ and if you really love their music I would ask you to go purchaase it for your phone or Ipod to support such an amazing band šŸ™‚



Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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