Novel Time #2- Character Interview: Claire Tyler

Hello Readers!


Today I am excited to bring you Claire’s interview. *whispers* Though she isn’t as enthused about this whole thing

Claire: I can hear you, you know.

Yes, Claire. I am very much aware. Thank you for reminding me..

Anyways! It’s time to get this thing started, and whether or not she likes it, Claire will answer your questions. 🙂

Maybe I will and maybe I wont.

Yes, Yes you will, Claire. So first question, Is it hi or hey?

victorias-secret-charcoal-heather-scoopneck-sweater-product-1-13924029-607227869_large_flexIs what ‘hi or hey’?

Not really sure. Something to do with a band. My sister asked. Figured I would start with that…So, how did you start playing Piano? What drew you to it?

Do I have to answer this?

Yes you do. Come on! It’s not that bad.

*sighs* Fine. My mom used to play. She taught me. Never stopped playing.

You know you could give us a little more details on that, did you want to learn? Stuff like that.

You gave me a question, I answered it. Stop adding more.

Okay, okay. Fine. What is your favourite piece to play on the piano?

I don’t know. I play tons of stuff and I like it all or I don’t play it. Simple as that.

If you could master and band’s songs on the piano (classical or pop/rock) which song would it be and why?

 No idea.

Really? None? At all?


You’re impossible.

Not even denying it.

Fine. Have you ever lost someone you loved?

Duh. My parents.

Don’t get snippy! It as just a question, Claire. Moving on…Have you ever had a crush or fallen in love?

Maybe. Once. Years ago.

Okay. I am not letting you get away with this. Who and When?

I was twelve! It was a pathetic little kid crush. That’s all.

Fine. I’ll leave it at that. Do you have your eyes on someone now?


Okay then. Moving on…Do your current foster parents try to reach you?

I guess you could say that. But I am not falling for that trick again.

Trick? What trick? Kirstie and Brian actually care you know…

Sure. Whatever. So did everyone else.

Okay, don’t go getting even more miserable on me. It was just a statement. Do you remember any of your homes fondly?

I guess there was one house, when I was twelve. I became pretty close with the daughter of my foster parents at that home. Granted she was about eight but still…She was great.

Well, I think that’s the most you’ve said at once…You gonna tell us her name?

Don’t get used to it, and No.

Fine. Then I will, the little girls name is Lucy. Shes older now but…Yeah. That’s her name.


Everyone is going to meet her soon, so whats the point of keeping it a secret? *SIGH* So, Claire.What are some good memories you have?

Seriously? More questions?

They are almost done! Just answer them, please.

Fine. Any memory that includes my parents, excepting the day they died. Nothing more nothing less.

Okay then…I am scared to ask this question right now but…Who would you most like to punch in the face if you got a chance?

Umm. At the moment, you…but in general probably Rowan. Without a doubt. He deserves it.

Why did I figure you were going to say that? and he’s not that bad…

To you maybe.

Whatever. Whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done, and did you regret it?

I’ve done a lot of crazy (and even stupid) stuff.

That isn’t a proper answer.

Yeah it is! I’ve done a lot of crazy and stupid stuff! Never regretted any of it.

Do you read at all? If so, what is your favourite book?

I read sometimes. Not very often. I read the Harry Potter series…That was pretty good.

Any particular characters (from the books you’ve read) you’d like to hang out with if you got the chance?

Um…Not really…

And last, but not least-


*AHEM* Don’t interrupt…Whats the stupidest song you’ve ever heard?

Call me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Without a doubt.

Okayyyy then. So, that’s it for Claire’s interview. Claire, are you gonna say goodbye?


Okay so apparently she has left already…figures… Anyways, Thanks so much to all of you who asked Claire some questions 🙂

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle



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