Novel Time #1- Character Meet & Greet

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So, I know it isn’t Tuesday yet, but my reason for posting is simply so I can introduce you to this character and will do a follow up post to this (hopefully) on Tuesday!

Today I am doing my first post for my ‘Novel Time’ series. Today, I am going to tell you about my upcoming NaNoWriMo Novel and Introduce you to one of my characters…

…Then you get to plague her with your questions, Mwahahaha! *ahem* I’m sorry. Focusing now…


Okay so, before I introduce you to my character (who will be interviewed wether she likes it or not) I’m just gonna give you a very quick (and I literally mean quick) blurb of the story and show you the cover for it (cause I love it :P) So, considering that I am rambling now, It’s time to get this going:


Walking_alone_by_al_fahad515 copy

Blurb/Synopsis:Β The last ten years of Claire’s life have been lonely and love was not top priority. After her parents murder, and twenty foster homes, Claire finally has to decide what to do with her life and who to trust.

Now that I’ve shared that, I’m gonna introduce you to Claire πŸ™‚


Claire Tyler is a seventeen year old (Almost eighteen) orphan who has been in and out of twenty different foster homes all over the United States since the age of seven years old when her parents were murdered. (Claire barely escaped that day with her life as well.) She suffers from depression and loneliness and just wants to be somewhere where she can actually stay for a long time instead of a couple months. Most often times when you try to talk to her she will come up with some sort of sarcastic or bitter comment or will just not talk to you and leave you having one of those really awkward one sided conversations. (and hey, if you are lucky she will yell at you to leave her alone!)

Claire almost always keeps to herself, locking herself away in her room, blocking out the world with the music coming from her headphones, isolating herself an sometimes she will sit around, play piano and probably ignore people still…

If, somehow, she actually befriends you, she can be quite friendly and actually a great person to talk with…But that hardly ever happens, considering she is rather miserable and has years of pain she’s holding inside of her.


So, yeah. That is Claire in a nutshell for you. So now, it’s your turn. Time to ask her some questions in the comments (you can find the comment button in the top left by the post title…I only say this becasue of the new design) and next week (on Tuesday) I will ask her the questions you asked and she will answer them for us so we can get to know her a little bit more. πŸ™‚

Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


11 thoughts on “Novel Time #1- Character Meet & Greet

    • Hello! (I know this is you my wonderful sister.) I am interested to ask Claire this question and see if she actually knows what you mean…If not I might have to fill her in on this whole thing relating to 5SOS…but anywho, thank you for your comment!


  1. Claire, how did you start playing the piano? What was it that drew you to it? What’s your favorite piece to play? If you could play any other instrument, what would it be? If you could master any band’s songs on the piano (classical artist or someone you listen to now), who’s would it be and why?

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  2. That’s a really nice cover! Looks really interesting. Okay: Claire, have you ever loved and lost someone? Have you ever had a crush, have you ever been in love? Do you have your eyes on someone now? Do your current foster parents try to reach you? Do you remember any of your homes fondly? What are some good memories you have?

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  3. Hey, Claire. So, who would you most like to punch in the face if you got a chance? What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? Did you regret it? Do you read at all, and if so, what’s your favorite book? Any particular characters you’d like to hang out with if you got the chance? What’s the stupidest song you’ve ever heard?


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    Hello, Everyone, so usually I don’t share posts like this (that are advertising my other blog) on this site but I chatted with Nessa and she said I could go for it and post this here.

    This is kind of last minute, but if you take a look at the original post here, I mention a bit about my character and my book and once I introduce you to the character, I am giving you (my readers) the option to comment and ask my character some questions in which my character will answer in an interview. I figured I would give you this link and maybe give you to opportunity to comment and ask my character a question or two if you would like (I’ll have her answer questions tomorrow afternoon) but if you don’t wanna ask some questions its giving you some info on one of my stories I am super excited about! Until Tomorrow for our Doctor Who post!

    Adriana Gabrielle


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