Music Mania #1- Family Force 5: Time Stands Still

Hello Readers!

music mania

Welcome to Music Mania!

So I couldn’t wait until next friday to officially start this one so I decided to start today πŸ˜›

Today, I am going to (if you haven’t already heard it) introduce you to Family Force 5’s new album called ‘Time Stands Still



I am a fairly new fan of Family Force 5. I heard about them from my Chiropractor early this year (Yeah I said my Chiropractor…be jealous y’all he’s amazing.) and since then, I’ve been a huge fan. (Seeing them preform at YC 2014 was a blast!) I absolutely love their music, so obviously when I got some ITunes money, I went and bought this entire album. It is absolutely fantastic. Their sound has changed a little from their previous albums but the music is still great and still sooooo them! I love it to a bunch of itty bitty little pieces!!! The music just leaves you bobbin’ your head along to the music and/or dancing around like a complete maniac XD It’s great!




5 star rating for this album! That’s for sure.




And now, my favourite part…Time to share my favourite songs!

Jet Pack Kicks:

BZRK (feat. KB) :

(This is the official music video πŸ˜› Their music video’s are weird but I LOVE them :P)

Dance Like Nobody’s Watching:

Let It Be Love:

Everybody Lose Your Mind:

Thanks for stopping by! Have you heard FF5 before? Old albums? New one? What’s your favourite song?


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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