Characters Come To Life

Hello Readers! Today’s writing post is, since it’s Camp NaNo Time(well actually it just ended), gonna be a bit about how I create my characters (and therefore a sneak peak into my Sci-Fi novel I’m working on) Usually, coming up with characters is the first thing I come up with. I guess it’s no surprise because I love characters but most people I know come up with the full basic plot then characters… I’m usually the other way around.

For example, for this novel I first came up with these basics for the plot which was literally these four words: Supers, Hero Academy, awesome. Totally cliché sounding, I know but that what I came up with.

After that, I opened my lovely little Pinterest App on my IPod and started searching through the story boards of characters (by my fav pinner Jo Zimmerman) and I stumbled upon one of my main characters, Korea Steel. A kick-butt rookie on the police force with some awesome dreads (seriously the pic was so cool and I had to make her a character)

So, from what I did there shows that I do both the casting and creating of a character at once where many people do the casting last. I repeated that process about six times for my other characters, pinning the pictures to my story board. (Though if you only have two characters you just repeat the process twice :p)

Next, once I have a picture I come up with a name. (Usually just a first name at this point unless a last name jumps out at you. (If it does write it down!) Once I’ve got a name, (Whether I’ll change the name later of not) I’ll sit down and come up with their personality basics and backstory. (This part alone can take me a couple hours or a couple days) The reason I say personality basics is because, once I’ve got back story, I delve deep into this backstory and the basics of their character (that tend to expand with their backstory) and picking through every detail to expand more on their personality and who they are.

Example: My friend Vanessa was helping me with the backstory of these two twin characters from my Sci-Fi novel and we dug into tiny details. After digging a little I discovered the most simple things about these characters and their life were right there waiting to slap my in the face. Once I talked it out with someone I found that when I dug deeper I found so many personality strengths or flaws linking back with their backstory therefore developing both. I would give you some examples but there would be a lot of spoilers that are absolutely fantastic and I don’t want to ruin it. (This can also take hours to weeks depending.)

At this point, once all this is done I go through and add some minor characters (or a couple more major characters) I go back through again and re-cast my characters or make little changes. Let me give you an example of some changes (some minor and some major) I made on my characters:

Korea: -Went from having crazy coloured dreads and blue eyes to having black dreads, green eyes, a scar on one corner of her mouth and light freckles (example of major change)

Edith: -went from being African(that was only for a brief time) to being a blind, british girl with blonde curly hair, tanned skin and blue eyes.

Reid (antagonist): -Went from being an older man, in his later 40’s, with greying hair and the power of telepathy to a easily angered, telepathic, 27 year old guy who, in my mind, would be rather attractive… Were it not for his obvious cruel side which instantly makes people want to run for the hills… (Were this ever made into a movie, Andrew Garfield would play him.)

Mitchell and Deegan (twins): – went from having blond hair to dark brown hair.

Max: -went from having short light brown hair to the same coloured hair but in dreads (I like dreads, okay? I so wish I could rock dreads. If I could I would have them.) So, as you can see there have been quite a lot of minor and major changes to my characters but those are final details I decide to change or that come from digging deeper into their backstory.

How do you go about creating your characters? I would love to hear from you! Comment below!

Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle


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