My Editing Process

Hello Readers!

So, as you can see…I lied. I apparently won’t be doing just book reviews this summer. This summer will be sprinkled by writing posts apparently. (and thats okay!)


I love writing so I figured I might as well tell you a bit about how my editing process has gone so far. (Since this was my first novel I ever completed I never actually edited before so my whole editing process might be totally out of whack and I very well might do it differently next time.)


1.Sit my butt down and actually do it.

After putting away my completed manuscript for six weeks, coming back to it I found it rather hard to actually motivate myself to actually do this.I realized how much motivation I lacked when it came to this step…which was weird because I am usually a very motivated person…most of the time.

2.Read through (with NO Editing)

In this step I complied notes of things I needed to add/or get rid of, things that didn’t line up or uncompleted subplots. (DO NOT EDIT IN THIS STEP JUST WRITE IT ON NOTE PAPER)

3.Look at notes I compiled and fix those major issues first.

For this I fixed the really major issues first. I found it easier this way then I fixed all the minor stuff (that usually took a lot of hunting through my entire manuscript)

4.Basically…Re-write (and lots of chocolate)

There was a lot of re-writing for this novel involved…as well as a lot of chocolate… I personally found the first round of re-writes super infuriating… but after that it wasn’t too bad. (Let me clarify that I did many re-writes of scenes or chapters after this…not the entire manuscript)

This step took a total of about…. I would say 2 weeks of non stop writing…

5. Realize there are more plot issues…Re-read it. (and also take notes of things that don’t line up with what I added later)

This step is pretty self explanatory…I did this in a couple days XD

6. Freak out for a couple weeks because something is missing. (more chocolate)

Throughout this time I did minor tweaking but I had this issue where I could NOT figure out what was missing. Because I knew something was…

7. Discover what is missing.

I DID discover what was missing..after a couple weeks…See next step to my editing process.

8. Add whole other story line.

Another character needed to tell her story! That was the issue. I spent about a week doing that and making scenes transition well, develop backstory…stuff like that.


Okay…so that step really wasn’t important…but the title change happened so….Gotta add it. Can’t leave something out.

10. Add in this story line and realize that it is what was missing.

Once I had fixed up the scenes and added the whole other storyline I realized that this was the exact thing the story was missing. (Because I wasn’t too positive when I first added it)

11. Edit minor things (now that major stuff is done)

I once again, made sure things in the story lined up, things made sense, things were realistic and fixed all grammar errors I could spot…I also completed my synopsis. (FINALLY)

12. Send off to beta readers

I just did this about a week ago…and I’m panicking…I’m really worried that there will be tons of issues (which I’m hoping there won’t be) but…yeah… I’m in the panicking stages as of right now.

13. Do one more round (hopefully) of edits.

And this will probably happen because I’ve got to have it as perfect as I can get it before prepping for querying. (Which is a whole other scary process in itself)


So, that is how my editing process. I’m currently between steps 12 and 13 but that has been my editing process for HOTG (Holding On To Grace)

Awesome, right? 😛  (Okay, probably not but I had fun writing this up)


Until Next Time!

Adriana Gabrielle



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