Top Ten Tuesday Freebie! (Pick Your Own Topic)

Hello My Fellow Bloggers!


So, today I am once again, linking up with the Broke and Bookish and doing Top Ten Tuesday!…On Tuesday this time… Today is a Pick your own topic day, SO, I get to pick my own topic for this weeks Top Ten Tuesday Post.

That topic is: Top Ten Books or Series I Wish Had More Recognition (Translation: Top Ten Books I Wish Were Bestsellers).

So, on with the post.




1. The Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti

I believe I have expressed how amazing this book (is (and all the others on this list) but this book is simply a must read and NEEDS to be a best seller!

2. When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy

This book is one I read a couple years back and spotted on my bookshelf the other day when I was organizing and thought, ‘Hey! I should probably read this again. This book was really good’ but, yeah. Amazing book. It is fairly popular but could always use more recognition.

3. The Status Update Series by Laura L. Smith

Once again, I have expressed my LOVE for this series and I will do it again! 😀 I love it to itty-bitty little pieces. Gotta read it… And definitely needs more recognition.

(Reviews of the series to come!)

4. Nowhere Girl by A.J Paquette

This book is definitely an easier read but still an amazing story nonetheless. Totally needs more recognition… And I am NOT just saying this because the author is my second cousin… It’s AWESOME! Read it now.

5. Rising by Holly Kelly

6. Descending by Holly Kelly

Okay, I guess I could have wrote it as ‘The Rising’ series…. but I’m running out of books here… 😛 Anyways. Book 3 comes out soon and this is an AWESOME series. (Review of Rising HERE and review of Descending coming soon.)

7. The Sehret Chronicles by C.F Barrows

Once again… Another series I LOVE LOVE LOVE! (Well what I’ve read of it anyways. Book 3 is coming soon!!!) gotta read this boo. One of the best fantasy series I’ve read in a long time.

8. Between These Lines by Jennifer Murgia

So FAN-FLIPPIN-TASTIC! Love this book. (I really wanna re-read all these books on my list…)

9. The Revised Life of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill

Loved this book! I also loved how this book was about a teen writer like myself! So awesome! Loved the series.

10. How I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris

This is a book I am going to re-read this summer. (As well as ‘When god Writes Your Love Story’) an amazing read that I love! This, as well as ‘When God Writes Your Love Story’ are non-fiction books but still amazing and need more recognition.

So, this has been my Top Ten Tuesday post! Hope you liked it!

Until Next Time and God Bless!

Adriana Gabrielle


4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday Freebie! (Pick Your Own Topic)

    • That awesome! You’re actually the first person who I’ve ‘met’ that has read ‘Clockwork Heart’! Thats awesome! It was such a good book 🙂 (and these other books are amazing too 😉 )


  1. While I haven’t read the lot of these…great idea to spread the love of books you enjoyed! With the amount of books being (self) published, so many potentially great books are often overshadowed by intense marketing or fan-following recommendations. It’s sometimes crazy. But I think as long as you keep the novel in dialogue wherever and whenever you can, the rest will (hopefully) follow!

    joey via. thoughts and afterthoughts


    • That’s exactly it! There are so many self published novels that don’t get the recognition they deserve. (And you should read these books 😉 they’re great!) that’s why we need to spread the love of books we read which is what I am hopefully doing successfully in these posts 🙂


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