Not So Top Ten Tuesday- Top Ten Books/Series With The Best Friendships

Hello My Fellow Readers!

Once again, it’s NOT Tuesday but I haven’t done one of these posts….and I woke up this morning thinking it was tuesday…I think it has to do with the long weekend thing.

Anyways. Today’s Not-So-Top Ten Tuesday post is my Top Ten Best/Favourite Friendships. 🙂 (Also I could only think of 9 books or series so there aren’t 10 today 😛 )



1. It’s Complicated by Laura L. Smith

I’m not doing this list in order of favourites…..But this one is my favourite book that has the best friendships 😀

In this story there are four gals who are college roommates and the best of friends. Throughout the books (2 in the series are published so far) they are seriously the best of friends. They’re supportive of each other and when they all go through some hard times (from breakups to losing a family member and other things) they all help each other and are there for one another.

When it comes to friendships in books. This one is my favourite in all honesty. I’m not saying these gals are like perfect people….they sometimes got on each others nerves and stuff but still, their friendships were so strong and I LOVED that element in this book.

(I want friendships like the friendship these gals in this novel have)

2. Glass Girl by Laura Anderson Kurk

Okay. Okay…. Where to start….Hmm. Once again. An awesome friendship between characters. There isn’t just the romantic relationship between Henry and Meg but also a really great friendship between the two main characters. They had a great friendship, I thought, as friends too.

3. Swept To Sea by Heather Manning

I loved the friendships in this novel. I especially loved the friendship between the tree characters, Ivy, Aimee and Eden. Like, come on. When Eden ran away both Aimee and Ivy jumped on a ship and followed her! Thats what I call friendship. They were worried about their friend so they went after her to bring her home. I know, this probably isn’t really doing it justice… but seriously. Really good friendships in this story.

4. Rising by Holly Kelly

In ‘Rising’ you don’t really dig deep into the friendship between Gretchen and Sara and you don’t see much of it until the second book, but the friendship is still there. I really liked the friendship between these two characters in this story.

5. The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S Lewis

Ummm….Lots of awesome friendships in this story. Lucy and Mr.Tumnus, The Pevensie Children’s relationship and much more. I especially loved the friendship between the siblings in this story. Yes, They fought and yes, Edmund was a brat….but they still loved each other and in the end were good friends…They always were…but they just fought and argued quite a bit. (Sibling love.) Okay…and Mr.Tumnus…I think he was the sweetest friend ever…Just saying.

6. The Lord of the Rings Series by J.R.R Tolkien

Once again. LOTS of amazing friendships here. The fellowship on a whole, Merry and Pippin, Sam and Frodo, Gandalf and Frodo, The Hobbits…Gollum and the Ring (Kidding!)

I think, even though there are so many friendships in this story my favourite is probably Sam and Frodo’s friendship. Sam was such a loyal friend. He made a promise to keep Frodo safe and stick with him, and he did. The friendships in this story were just plain old cool.

7. The Harry Potter Series by J.K Rowling

Not much to say here except this: Ron, Hermione and Harry. Best Friends Forevah! (aaaand no, I still haven’t read the books)

8. Becoming the Chateran by S.J Aisling

Oh boy…where to start? Once again…Amazing friendships of so many different kinds. There were so many friends made along the way on the protagonists journey (and also some enemies but what else is new, right?) and Hiylinea and Rhea’s friendship was my favourite…Just saying.

9. Divergent Series by Veronica Roth

Once again….So many friendships (and so many feels that were crushed) in this series and I loved it.

So, this has been my Not-So-Top Ten Tuesday post (again) hope you enjoyed it!

Adriana Gabrielle


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