Meet Ghost- Character Interview

Hello readers!


So, you know how a few weeks ago I did an interview with my FMC Dance? Well today my writer friend, and fellow co-author, Vanessa, Is going to interview my MMC of Pebbles and Pirouettes, Ghost.

Though, before we do the actual interview I should probably tell you a bit about who he is.



Ghost’s real name is a mystery. He is a young man (18 years old) who has lived a past filled with more pain than most normal peoples lives.

Ghost lives in the world of Demitrix, a world with many creatures beyond your imagination and he is one of them.

Ghost is one of the more common folk, being part elf, and he can easily blend in with the locals….When he actually comes out of hiding and isn’t walking around as some sort of cloaked ‘hero’ anyways.

Ghost is someone who is well know and loved yet also greatly feared due to his very quiet personality and his ability to easily appear and disappear without anyone or thing seeing him, giving him a ghost like appearance and abilities.

He is a highly trained martial artist and skilled in weaponry combat and got some crazy skills when it comes to technology and security systems.

So, now that you have met my ‘Unique Little Creature’ its time for the interview!!



Adriana: All right. Let’s get this thing started. Vanessa, you go ahead and ask questions. I’m just gonna sit here and enjoy this.

Vanessa: Hmm. Ghost… why do you have such a lame name?

Adriana: *mutters* Wow…way to kick off the interview.

Ghost: Really?

Vanessa: I know that there’s a ghost possessing you but… really? If I was possessed by something named Joe I wouldn’t go and rename myself Joe

Ghost: I didn’t really think about it. I could really care less what I am called. I mean look at my author….She calls me a ‘Unique Little Creature’129857becbfb17aa5bfb9bd0a57e2d6a

Adriana: *facepalm*

Vanessa: But couldn’t you have kept your old name?

Ghost: No

Vanessa: Why?

Ghost: Because

Vanessa: because why?

Ghost: I refuse to answer this.

Vanessa: Why do you refuse?

Ghost: Classified.

Adriana: Oh boy, look at that Vanessa, he’s picking up after Dance and doing that whole ‘Classified’ thing.

Vanessa: I’m above your pay grade. Any classified information reports to me.

Ghost: Nice try. Not happening

Vanessa: You realize I have information on the future.

Ghost: So?

Vanessa: I could shatter your world.

Ghost: Already shattered.

Vanessa: How so?

Ghost: *crosses arms and doesn’t answer*

Adriana: Ghost. Cooperate


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