Funky Little Update And Other Randomosity

Hello Fellow Bloggers!


Today I am just kinda gonna do a little update on my writing and how thats coming. (I hope thats okay with y’all) and obviously a little bit of randomosity…Why not, right?

So first. Time for my Funky Little Update. Okay…well its not all that funky….but I just like that word.

So, as of right this second I’ve run into this whole writing issue. Okay, well not really an issue. Okay, not an issue at all….I just also like to use that word too…I like words (can you blame me?I’m a writer and reader so not much of a surprise, right?)

Right now, for my status on writing. My ‘To Write’ pile is shrinking and my ‘To Edit’ pile is GROWING.

I’m kinda at that point right now where I don’t have much inspiration to edit. (Bad me. I know.) BUT! One the other hand I am getting TONS of inspiration to write.

I’m just powering through novel after novel after novel….Meanwhile my ‘To Edit’ pile is getting much larger (and my ‘New Ideas’ pile…).


This is what they look like:


To Write:


-‘Continere’ (I plan to do this for NaNoWriMo 2014!)


-‘Book One (of 4) of A Secret Project’….it’s a 3-18-99 (If you’ve heard Adventures In Odyssey you would know what that means.)

and ‘To Jaime With Love’ ( Or I like to refer to it as TJWL. SO if you see that in any of my posts you know what I’m talking about.)


To Edit:

-Once Upon A Crime (A Cinderella, Short Story Retelling)

-Pebbles and Pirouettes. <— This beautiful thing needs A LOT of work but sometimes that happens. (GASP! I just realized I never did that character interview for Ghost….I should probably get that done…)



I want to make it clear that, Yes, my ‘To Edit’ pile is smaller, but that is only for a couple more months.

Come June I am 99.9% sure that I will have at least 2 (if not 3) novels in my ‘To Write’ pile will be in my ‘To Edit’ pile.

The lucky winners? TJWL and ‘Book One of A Secret Project’! Speechless being the possible 3rd book.


I plan to start working on editing of ‘Unbreakable’ in these next couple days because I would LIKE to have this novel edited and completely ready by next March.


Because this girl *points to self* is saving up some money to go to the Florida Christian Writers Conference and when there, if my novel is completely ready, I can pitch my novel to some agents.


Scary, scary thought…Especially since that would be my first ever writers conference too… Though if I want to have editing for that done and have my book all ready to go I KIIIIIIINDA need to get started on editing and do a really good job etc etc….and I need to start that N.O.W.


Wanna know what I discovered is a really fun thing to do?


Create Playlists for my novels!  They are SO much fun and so easy to make!

I have one for my novels ‘To Jaime With Love, Speechless, Continere, Overdue, Unbreakable and Pebbles and Pirouettes’

Here is an example:



I’m still working on this playlist and I honestly have HUNDREDS of songs for each book but only the ones that fit the theme/character/specific scene most make it to the final cut. These are SUPEr fun to make 🙂


So that, is my Funky Little Update…and Randomosity.


Hope you enjoyed it! Character interview (hopefully) coming soon!


Until Next Time,

Adriana Gabrielle


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