Character Interview-Dance

Hello My Fellow Readers!

So, I know I missed a Top Ten Tuesday post (and a few others I had planned…Including this one) but I have a very good reason. I was sick and fainted a couple times and yeah it was a very painful experience. (Though now I know how to accurately describe fainting in my novels)

Anyways, so next Tuesday I will do two Top Ten Tuesday posts at once but for now it’s time to interview Dance. YAY! Though she wasn’t all that excited when I kinda surprised her and told her she is doing this interview so let’s see if we can get her in here.d3fb8101ad2c27fe0d06893a0b2bb71b



Hey Dance? You coming?


Umm just a minute… *disappears then comes back a few minutes later, Dance in tow*

So, Dance, are you ready to do this interview?

*Dance sits down on the chair* I guess.

Alright. So, let’s get started. The first question is:

How do you feel about your height?

My height? I don’t mind it at all, being short is awesome. I’m able to sneak around easier without people noticing…Did I just say that out loud? Oopsie… Anyways, I like my height. 

Tell us about your NYC friends.

My NYC friends? Well I don’t have many friends. Only a few, but as long as they are good friends who cares how many friends you have I mea-

*Interupts* Dance, answer the question.

Right. Sorry. *grin* They’re awesome totally cool people. Throw the best parties.

Uh-huh. I see…*mutters* I personally don’t think you make the best choices when it comes to friends.

You have your friends and I have mine.

Okay! Moving on….So, how do you feel about carrying your mother’s dreams? What are your dreams?

Hate it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love ballet but I don’t have the same dreams as my mother. Sad part is, I don’t know what my dreams are. I’ve been to busy with my mothers dreams to get a chance to figure out my own.

Okay…Kinda going bad to the whole friends thing…What do you think of Ghost?

Why are we even talking about him?

First of all, he’s not my friend and second he’s so boring. All dark and mysterious with that cloak he wears and sneaking around. He’s strange.

Dance’s author here. She quite enjoys Ghost’s company. Dance actually thinks Ghost is pretty cool.

I do not!

*eye roll* So, Dance… Have you, before the beginning of this story, needed to use the pepper spray?

Of course! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used it. I’ve got some pretty good skills with a can of pepper spray. Lots of experience with that thing.

*coughliarcough* Were you born with your abilities?

I heard that…and I don’t know, Maybe? Never knew about them until I showed up in Demitrix.

I see…What is your opinion of the fantasy world, Demitrix?

That place is soooo cool! I love it. nuf’ said.

*ahem* All right then. Last question. How well do you follow Adriana’s instructions?

What kind of a question is that? I’m an angel! Don’t you see my halo floating above my head?

Nope. I don’t see a halo at all. *sigh* though I will admit you do have your moments where you do actually listen to me.

See, I’m not all that evil.

Yeah. Okay….So that’s it for now! Thanks for cooperating, Dance, and answering these questions.

I’m gone. Cya *leaves*

Well, okay then. I want to thank you all SO much for asking Dance your questions so, I guess I will see you next time my fellow bloggers!

Adriana Gabrielle


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