Top Ten Popular YA Authors I Have Never Ever Read

So. This is a linkup that the Notebook Sisters did on their blog from another blog they read called The Broke and The Bookish and this link-up looked fun so I decided I would do it just for fun.

Every Tuesday The Broke and the Bookish they have these link-ups called Top Ten Tuesdays (and some of these upcoming ones look F.U.N so I might jump into this link-up somehow and do them 😛 )

Anyways. On with the post!


So here are the TOP TEN popular YA Authors I have NEVER EVER read.

Oh yeah, and I admit I looked up ‘Famous YA Authors’ on Goodreads but I was surprised at how many YA Authors I have read books from anyways..Now onto the Top Ten List.

1. Cassandra Clare.

I’ve been told that Mortal Instruments and that it’s really good, but I will be honest. The reason I haven’t read anything by her (mainly Mortal Instruments) is because I truthfully have no interest in reading it.

2.  Mark Zusak

*GASP* I know, I know. I’m a terrible human being for not reading things from this author. I’m so behind… Though if this is any help to you all loosing your respect for me (or something drastic like that) ‘The Book Thief’ is on my To Be Read List and on my ‘Movies To Be Watched’ list…after I finish reading the book of course 😉

3. Rick Riordan

Okay, I know. I fell slightly ashamed for not reading anything from Rick Riordan…. I don’t know why I haven’t I mean the whole Percy Jackson Series is right down my alley, genre wise… I fell ashamed. I might have to redeem myself and fit them onto my Reading List. (I’m constantly adding more and more books to that list, it’s insane XD )

4.Orson Scott Card

Yet again, another author who’s book I meant to read (Ender’s Game) so I could watch the movie as well (cause I have a strict. ‘Have to read the book first if a book for the said movie exists’ policy.)

Gosh. As this list goes on I’m feeling more and more ashamed.

5.John Green.

I will admit. I am ashamed for not reading any of John Green’s novels but I will admit that….I am not interested in his novel…Even ‘The Fault in Our Stars’…. *feels more ashamed and worried about what others will think about my reading choices*

6. Stephanie Meyer

Okay. Not ashamed about this one.  Two reasons. 1) I’m not a fan of Vampires (Main reason I don’t like Twilight) and 2) VAMPIRES. DONT. SPARKLE!

7. Neil Gaiman

Okay. SO you know that ‘book before movie policy’ I mentioned? Yeah totally failed that one. I did NOT realize Coraline was a book….until I watched the movie. I have heard Neil Gaiman’s books are pretty good (well a few of them anyways…and I should probably read ‘Coraline’ so I feel better about not following my own ‘Book before Movie’ policy…)

8. Christopher Paolini

I have so many friends on me to read the Eragon series but honestly I wasn’t too interested. Still not sure if I am…Feeling slightly ashamed here cause people are telling me I’m missing out on something I’m missing out. (someone PLEASE tell me what I missing here so I can decide wether or not to read it.)

9. Marie Lu

Yet again ANOTHER author whose books are on my ‘To Read’ list… Too many books/authors SO little time.

10. J.K Rowling

Someone slap me across the face with all 7 books! I know! I know! I have NOT read the books. Though the way I go on about Harry Potter and stuff one would think I HAVE read them. But I have not. (Guys I went to a Harry Potter exhibit last week with all the props and costumes from the movies!

Yet again. Broke that rule I made but my parents told me I wasn’t allowed to read the books but could watch the movies but now I am allowed to read the Harry Potter books and plan to do just that…This year. Percy Jackson will come after the Harry Potter Books.

So this is my list of YA Authors I have NEVER read…A list I am very ashamed about. Oh well 😛 This was fun to do/make anyways.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Until Next Time (For sure next Tuesday for the next Link-up post)


8 thoughts on “Top Ten Popular YA Authors I Have Never Ever Read

  1. I totally recommend JK Rowling and John Green. 😉 But don’t feel too bad! I mean, we do our best, eh? And it’s important that we read what we like… It’s kind of a bucket-list goal of mine to try and read books by mostly all the famous authors. Hehe. XD I sort of have a book-before-movie policy too! But I broke it on City of Bones. (It was an awesome movie!) And I neeearly broke it for Book Thief. Oh! And Ender’s Game is aaaamazing! It’s one of my most favourite sci-fi’s ever.


    • I definitely plan on reading JK Rowling for sure! I was SO close to breaking that ‘book before movie policy’ with the Book Thief. If I didn’t have the ‘Book Theif’ sitting on my bookshelf waiting to be read I probably would have watched the movie 😛


  2. I read the Twilight Saga a few years ago and to be honest it was before vampires became popular on television or in books. It was very interesting and I did get sucked in, but cried when the movies came out. I was dying to see how the books would translate to the big screen and they didn’t. It’s a series of books where you should only stick to the books. I saw one of the movies and it was the biggest joke ever! My parents at the time thought it was a comedy. To be honest I haven’t read the Harry Potter series, but did watch all of the movies. My mom and sister read the entire series first before seeing the movies. They said that there’s a lot in the books that don’t make it into the movies. You’re now making me thinking that I need to start a book list of sorts. Usually I walk into my local bookstore and browse until something catches my eye. I love your book before movie policy and hope you stick with it! To be honest I can be a really picky reader and quite honestly can’t get into all of the popular series. My thing is sticking with local writers or books that aren’t as popularized.


    • Maybe my thing towards Twilight is mainly that I’m not one for Vampires. I think they’re downright nasty. *shudders*

      Yeah my friends who have read the Harry Potter says there is so much missing I really need to read the books now. XD

      You should make a reading list. It helps when I’m looking for something specific in the bookstore sometimes 😉


  3. No Harry Potter?! Sad…. Hope you love the adventure. Cassandra Clare is still somewhat new (read 2 of her books) but so far I like her. I agree about Stephanie Meyers and how Vampires don’t sparkle. That was such a turn-off for the series. John Green and Rick Riordan are both on my list as well Here’s my TTT .


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