Ask Dance Part 1

Hello Everyone!

So today I’m trying out a new kind do post that I see a bunch of my writer friends are doing and it looks like TONS of fun!

This is basically a character interview but instead of me asking my character questions you will be asking the questions! 🙂

So, I will now introduce you to my character and tell you a bit about her then you can go ahead and ask ANY question you can come up with (it can be more than one) and my character will answer them 🙂

So let’s get started!


d3fb8101ad2c27fe0d06893a0b2bb71bAs you can all see, this is a photo of my character, Dance. (Okay, it’s actually singer, Sarah Blackwood but my point is this looks exactly like my main character.)

Dance is the FMC (Female Main Character) of my fantasy novel called: “Pebbles and Pirouettes”
Most of you probably don’t know what my story is about so I’m going to share the synopsis with you all before I tell you more about Dance.

Synopsis: Dance Woodsley is a girl carrying her mother’s dreams of being a ballet star, dreams which are not her own. One day she is thrown into a world that is not her own, and told she is their savior from a power-hungry psycopath, as the legends of that world foretold. But is it real, or is it all a dream?
Ghost is well-loved and widely feared. His past fills him with pain, regret and heart-wrenching guilt. When forced into hiding, he comes across Dance, a girl who is too curious for her own good and won’t keep her nose out of his business.
Can Dance count on Ghost and her other new friends to help her escape this strange world and get back to her own? And when Dance knows too much, will Ghost protect her and try to save her, or tell her the truth and put her life at risk?
Or there is another option…

So now you know about my novel! Yay! And also we know a TINY little bit about my MMC Ghost. Literally a TINY bit but if this goes well we can attempt to interview Ghost. (Remember I said attempt *whispers* he’s not very cooperative)

Wow. Talk about Rambling. My goodness. NOW I promise you this time we will start to talk about Dance.




Dance is sixteen years old, has blonde hair and blue eyes, and only reaches the height of 5 foot 3 1/2 inches.


Being small doesn’t stop her from doing anything… It actually almost helps her get into more and more trouble. With her always curious, stubborn, and nosy personality she always seems to get into big trouble or creating a problem where one shouldn’t even exist (if only she would listen)

She may seem rather annoying and slightly bratty if you don’t know her but once you get to know her she can be really sweet and downright friendly…Though still as loud, crazy, adventurous and stubborn as ever (never a dull moment with her around)

Dance also says that living in New York City has made her a professional ‘Pepper Spray Weilder’
Actually, New York isn’t that bad buuuuuut Dance messes with the wrong people always likes to come prepared.

I would love to tell you more about her, but I’m afraid this is all I can say.
Now it’s up to you, My dear readers, to ask Dance your questions and once I get enough I will answer them in Part 2. Only you guys can make Part 2 possible and maybe meeting Ghost afterwards…

So, I look forward to your questions!

Until next time!


8 thoughts on “Ask Dance Part 1

  1. Leran has a question. He might be jumping the gun on what you’ve revealed with the plot, but I can’t get him to shut up or come up with a different question.
    (Leran: Were you born with your abilities?)
    *sigh* Sorry. Delete this if the darn charrie revealed too much. 😉


  2. (As a follow-up to Vanessa’s question) Tell us everything.
    How do you feel about carrying your mother’s dreams? What are your dreams?
    What do you think of Ghost?
    How do you feel about your height?
    Tell us about your NYC friends.
    How well do you follow Adriana’s instructions:


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