What Got This Reader Writing

I love books! I have always loved books. I’m a full time Reader and Writer.

I saw a few other bloggers doing this and I thought I would copy this because it was a fun idea. So here it goes.

These are the books (and comics 😉 ) that turned this reader *points to self* into a writer (who is a little over the top nerdy)

I was 8 years old when I started reading/listening to The Chronicles of Narnia.


Every night our family (which only consisted of 3 kids then) would sit down before bed and listen to my dad read us the Narnia stories (in which I also read sometimes too but my dad did the voices of each character better.

My family also made weekly visits to the library (which were about 2-3 times a week) and there I would always run for the same books.

The Adventures of Tin Tin comics:


and books on Mermaids (that’s why I have such a huge span of knowledge when it comes to Mermaids. 😉 totally kidding. Well, not really but I’m sure there is someone out there with more knowledge than myself) the book I always got (and still get to this day) is a book by Mary Pope Osborne (who also wrote the Magic Treehouse books) called ‘Mermaid Tales from Around the World.


and The Magic Treehouse books I just mentioned. That was my dream. I mean, what kid or teenager (like myself) or adult, doesn’t want to be able to go to this magic treehouse, find a different book there every time (with a note inside) then you are transported to the story world??

I read tons of other books too (like ones on animals and crafting books and drawing books)


When I was 9-10 I started reading the Mandie Series, The Nancy Drew Mysteries and the comics my dad collected (which triggered my love of Superheroes)

The Mandie series:


I have re-read more times than I can count. What I love about the series.
1. A 10 year old girl with Blonde hair who was very brave ( Blonde haired, 10 year old me, loved her. I wanted to be just like Amanda Shaw (aka Mandie) )

2. Mystery

And 3. A Christian series. One thing that stuck out to me in that series was: when things would get frightening or Mandie and her friend Joe were in trouble (which they got into a lot) they would say: “What time I am afraid, I put my trust in thee.” And to this day I still say that in my head when I am afraid.

The Nancy Drew Mysteries:


Still read it and (at one point) owned the whole 60 book series (until I sold the ones I didn’t like because I didn’t re-read them and I needed more space on my bookshelf :p )

I love mystery and everything about this series and I will admit I love the whole romantic subplot. Ned and Nancy are an awesome sleuthing couple… And, I will also admit, I liked the ones where Ned came to the rescue 😀

Comic series #1:

The Amazing Spider-Man!


Comic number 700 just came out, marking the end of that comic series (and starting a new one) and I have NOT read all of them but I have read about 200 of them. (500 more left to go 😉 )

I love EVERYTHING about Spider-Man, okay? But… If I could get those powers and not be bitten by a radioactive spider that would be great.. Though if I can’t get these powers without being bitten by a Radioactive Spider (which I can’t) then no Spider-like powers for me.

The X-Men Series:


Mutants? Love them! Telepathic guy in a wheelchair running an academy for teenage supers? Count me in!

Okay so getting Spider-Mans powers would be almost impossible but the possibility of being a mutant with the ability to walk through walls, or have claws, or shapeshifter (and the list goes on) is more possible.

I love this whole series. Just LOVE it. The plot is amazing and each character and their powers, unique in their own ways.

I can’t even tell you which characters power I would choose. Well I could but I would have to carefully choose by eliminating the least inconvenient and figuring out the pros and cons of each power and yeah… It would take a long time.

Also, forget Prince Charming. I’m waiting for my superhero to come and save me. 😀



So these books (plus MANY others) are what turned me into the writer and nerd girl I am today.

Well until next time,

Adriana Gabrielle.


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