What Does The Cover Say Linkup!

Hello Bloggers!

So on the Notebook Sister blog, they are doing a Linkup called ‘What does the cover say’ Basically what you have to do is pick 5 to 10 covers and say what you think the cover actually says. So…Yeah. I’m gonna give this a go.

If you want to participate here is the link to the post 😀



Okay so, time to do this thing 😀

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

What does the cover really say? “That’s my Tide, what’s yours?”


The Trillionist by Sagan Jeffries

What does the cover really say? “I’m watching you…”


Nancy Drew: The Whispering Statue by Carolyn Keen

What does the cover actually say? “Hmm…This statue looks like me. Maybe if I stand really still and pretend to be it that bad guy over there won’t see me.”


The Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti

What does the cover really say? “Look, I’ve got a heart that is like Clockwork…and wings. Wings are a bonus.”


The Revised Life Of Ellie Sweet by Stephanie Morrill

What does the cover really say? “I’ll be keeping a careful eye on you…Make one wrong move and I will put you in my novel and make something bad happen.”


Okay, so this was fun 😀 A lot of fun actually…… Anywho. Y’all should check out the Notebook Sisters blog (and do this linkup.) cause they’re awesome.

Until next time!


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