My 2014 Reading List

Happy New Year!!

So, last year, I failed in my reading.

I think I read like 10-15 books. #readingfail

Oh well.

But this year I’m gonna read more books than that.

Besides. New Year=New Books, am I right?

So I’m starting a list of books I’m gonna read this year. I was going to put it here but since I plan to add a few more (most likely) and mark off what I’ve finished I decided to make a page instead 😉 SO you guys can check it out there and I’m ALWAYS looking for book suggestions so feel free to share your suggestions on here or the page or whatever 😉 and who knows. You might find something you want to read in my list of books to read 😉


2 thoughts on “My 2014 Reading List

  1. I’m definitely going to look at your reading list. I always like finding new books I want to read….although, gosh, I have SO many! *headdesk* I’m going to drown in my TBR piles someday. 😉


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