3 New Years (Writing) Resolutions

Okay so. I’ve been trying to think of some writing related New Years resolutions and I have come up with three that I wanted to share. Yes, only three…But considering I’ve never actually stuck to it and completed even ONE New Years revolution before this is MORE than enough…

SO here they are:

1. Have my novel ‘Unbreakable’ ready for querying by this time next year.

2. Start journalling/blogging more 

3. Finish the first draft of My NaNo Novel (which I did not finish during NaNo. I DID complete NaNo but the story isn’t done yet.)

So those are my writing related New Years resolutions! How about y’all? What are your writing related New Years resolutions? (it can just be one or twenty 😉 )

I’m interested in your New Years resolutions so feel free to share in the comments 😉


Adriana Gabrielle

P.S Character interview to come soon 😉



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