My Writing Time

Making Time to write. Sometimes, it’s hard to do with your family’s (and/or your own) busy schedule. Wether it’s extra curicular activities or school or anything else.

So. I wanted to share with you how and when I fit writing into my busy schedule.

I have found that in order to get the best out of my writing I wake up early. It seems to workout very well for me and my busy schedule….That and when my siblings are running around and trying to talk to me while I attempt writing it makes things ten times harder 😛 (Though I have done it before because sometimes its just how my day goes)

So everyday, to get my writing in, I wake up at 4:45 every morning and by the time I put on a warm comfy sweater,get upstairs, make some tea (I’m an Twinning’s Earl Grey kinda Gal 😉 ) and power up my laptop and get my youtube playlist going, it’s 5AM (or shortly thereafter depending how sluggish I am that morning XD) 

My family’s morning routine starts around 7:30AM which gives me time to write my novels, plot, write blog posts, chat with some of my friends (who are up at weird hours in the morning as well) or sometimes just dance around to music when I should be writing. (Because I’m cool like that XP ) SO that is how I fit writing into my schedule. When do you find making time for writing fits best into your schedule? (let me know in the comments 😉 )

Well that’s my post for now (More posts to come in the New Year if not before then 😉 SO stay tuned)


P.S For sure at leas one post (Character interview) coming before christmas 😉


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