End of Year Book and Writing Insanity Linkup



The Notebook Sisters is doing a blog linkup as part of their end-of-year celebration and giveaway.  I’ve answered a few of the questions on their list for writers.  Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!

1. How many books did you write this year? (Estimate your overall wordcount for us too!)

I have completed one novel this year (titled Unbreakable) and I am almost done one of my others that is called Pebbles and Pirouettes (I have NaNoWriMo to thanks for that 😉 ) (My estimated word count for both books total would be about currently 150k words)

2. Tell us about you favourite Male Character you wrote this year!

Oh my. This is a hard one to answer. I have two of my buddy’s that are tied for my favourite…. I guess for now I’ll say that overall (between the two MC’s that are tied for my favourite) is Kenton (from Unbreakable)

3. And how about your favourite Female Character?

Yikes….Okay for this one I’ll say Dance (from Pebbles and Pirouettes.) This is a hard one to answer 😛

4. Can you introduce us to some awesome sidekick(s)?

I’m gonna say right now that one of my favourites is probably Finley. She’s really smart, sweet, friendly and can get a little goofy. Overall she’s just plain old awesome (her awesomeness cannot even be described on this post 😛 )

5. Any romances in your writing? Which couple didn’t go together as expected?

There is almost always some romances in my novel. I would say that though I planned for Ghost and Dance to be a couple, I didn’t plan for them to become a couple the way they did……okay that or Finley getting a crush on my ‘Antagonist’ character in Unbreakable. I had to end that because…yeah that would have been bad…..

6. What’s your favourite Pinterest Board for one of your books? Can we see some pics for the book they inspire?

I have a board for every single book I am currently writing and I’d be glad to share some of the pictures 😀 I think my favourite board is for my novel (that I am Co-authoring) called Injustice (sorry for jumping novels on you guys but if you don’t already know I’m currently writing like…..8 or 9…)





7. What challenges did you compete in this year? (NaNos? Personal goals? Challenges run by other blogs?) And how did you go?

My goals were to finish NaNo and to complete one full novel. TA-DA! I did it! WOHOO! I completed NaNo with 50,500 words and my other novel I completed with a little over 70k I believe

8. Show us the full cast in pictures from one of your books.

Okay! I think I’m gonna show you my cast from Unbreakable 😀



Kelly Ripa, leaves the ABC Lincoln Center Studios






9. Epic quote(s) you wrote?

This is a quote from my character Ghost (from my NaNo Novel) and someone asked why he doesn’t help himself for a change and this was his epic-ly awesome reply: I try so hard to help others because I have no idea how to help myself.

10. Last word from your manuscript(s)! Go!

My only completed manuscript is Unbreakable so here is the last word: Happy 

SO I guess you could say this story has a ‘Happy’ ending to it. (okay THAT was cheesy XP )

11. First sentences from your manuscript(s)!

From Pebbles and Pirouettes: “I can do things with my body most people can’t, I guess thats why I was helpful to them, no wait, to him”

From Unbreakable: “We looked like lost puppies looking for food and shelter. Yet…In a way we were.”

12. Show us your favourite funny scene!

:O okay…..let me find it now…. Okay. This is from Pebbles and Pirouettes. 😀 This is basically all three of my characters in a nut shell XD (and trust me I have TONS of other funny scenes 😛 ):

I moaned as I spun around on the desk chair. I was bored out of my mind….and I’d only been in this room five minutes.

“Why don’t you go do something else if you are bored?” Ghost suggested.

“But thats just too simple, to get up and go do something else.” I complained.

“You are strange.” Dean said turning to look at me, I stuck my tongue out at him in reply.

“I’m with my brother on this one.” Ghost said typing something into the computer system, not taking his eyes off of the screens.

“Hey! Boyfriends are supposed to be nice to their girlfriends.” I pouted, crossing my arms. “and that’s not nice.”

Ghost turned to look at me and just smiled. 

I stood up and decided to pace back and forth across the room but that soon became boring. So I decided to do some back handsprings across the room instead.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked.

“Back handsprings, cause pacing is for wimps.” I replied. “and yes, I’m strange, you don’t ned to say it again.”

“Yeah, well who does back handsprings back and forth across the room instead of pacing?” Dean asked as Ghost continued with what he was setting up on the computer.

“Ever heard of sugar, tiny?” I grinned

“I’m never letting you have sugar again.” Ghost muttered.

13. Show us a snippet of dialogue you’re proud of.

“What’s wrong?” I asked

He shook his head. “Nothing.”

“Liar.” I smiled slightly. “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” He turned back to the book. Then it hit me.

I wanted to leave…Leave Demitrix…Leave him.

“I’m sorry…I-I just want to go home.” I really did. Didn’t I? 

“Why?” He asked

“I-I-I just-”

“It’s something I did, isn’t it?”

“No!” I exclaimed “Why would you think that?”

“Maybe because thats the only reason I can really think of why you would want to leave.”

“It’s not you.”

“Then stay.” 

I shook my head. “I can’t.”

“Why not? You love me, don’t you?”


“Then stay.”

“Thats not fair.”

“Why not?” He started to sound frustrated.

aaaaaand that’s it! (if I showed you anymore there would be spoilers so…. 😉 ) This is by far my favourite bit of dialogue between my two characters because it was more of a realization that their relationship wasn’t as perfect as they thought because my one character wanted to go home which would result in leaving the other. SO….yeah 😛 idk it’s just my favourite…Just like smiling. Smiling’s my favourite. (Hey, it’s nearing Christmas time you need a quote from Elf… 😀 )

14. Tell us about some funny typos or writer-bloopers you’ve had this year!

No really funny typos (unlike some pretty epic ones that my friends have had XD) But I did have one time where I was writing while my family was sitting in the next room watching a movie and yeah…. I was tired and I ended up quoting some of the movie. I swear that went on for like, half an hour XP (that was not helpful towards upping my word count XD)

15. What has writing taught you about yourself this year?

That if I keep going and push through the really hard scenes to write, or major plot holes etc etc. I’ll be able to finish and I will reach my goal of becoming a published author.

16. Best piece of writing advice you learnt this year?

It’s one of the more simple ones (and my mom actually told me many times when I was nearing the end of NaNo and behind) she just said: It’s not about the word count, It’s about the story. If you worry too much about the word count your story could end up being a terrible mess you don’t want to have to edit or deal with later.

(My mother is so wise ^_^ ) but that is my BEST piece of writing advice this year.

17. Anything big on the horizons for next year? Plans to query? Publish? Edit?

I have plans to edit Unbreakable like a crazy chicken then hopefully in a few years either send out query letters or self publish (not too sure yet if I’m gonna self publish or do it traditionally.)

18. Tell us a bit about a book you’re super excited to write in 2014!

I am super excited to work on my novel titled: To Jaime With Love I can’t wait. I’ve got the plot and characters ready to go but I just need to hold out until the new years to finish up some stuff 😛


4 thoughts on “End of Year Book and Writing Insanity Linkup

  1. Bahhhaha! That funny snippet was so good! No more sugar for you, eh? 😉 You have an epic cast there. This sounds like a really awesome book. The title “Pebbles and Pirouettes” is really intriguing too. Love it.
    Thanks for linking up with us!


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