I Love Being A Writer Because:

I can research anything and just say its for my novel. (and yet, maybe sometimes have people question my sanity…)

My most recent search:

Krav Maga (Israelie Street Fighting)

I know know all these things about it that I didn’t before (well actually I discovered how many kinds of combat/ martial arts there actually are…Krav Maga being one of those ones I didn’t know about)

After watching a handful of tutorial videos I now know: 1.) that Krav Maga is a defence martial art 2) how to describe some of the things my MMC in my NaNo novel will be teaching my FMC and 3.) \how to defend myself if ever the need arose.

I’ve seriously been doing stuff around the house when I’d randomly stop and practice the moves I watched on the videos…..I need someone to do it with me considering that doing it by yourself makes it hard to practice… Oh well XD maybe I can see if my brother wants to learn (he’s 9) I know he wants to learn martial arts XD

I love being a writer because you get an excuse to practice Israeli Street Fighting. (how fun is that?!)

What are some of the skills you now know from researching things for YOUR writing? Let me know in the comments below because I’m very interested.

Oh yeah and if you are looking for different kinds of martial arts here is a list. (thanks to all the people on the NaNoWriMo FB group for all these suggestions 😉 )

-Krav Maga (Israelie street fighting)

-Kali (Philippino Knife fighting).

-Capoera (Brazillian Street fighting)


-Tae Kwan D0



I know there are other but out of all the comments these were what was posted. I looked into all of them and found Krav Maga suits my novel better with what I’m doing but I’m looking for opportunities to use the other types of martial arts in my other novels (if there is any opportunities that is….)

Well time to start teaching my FMC some martial arts 😉

Until next time!


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