Writing Trends

Okay so I was talking to a writer friend of mine the other day and I pointed out one of my writing trends(well kinda) that most of my characters tend to do and that I myself do it also. The top two things I noticed are:

1. When my FMC’s are frustrated, thinking really hard, or stressed they run their fingers through their hair(which I have caught myself doing MULTIPLE times(my friends the next time you see me just watch you’ll see that I do it) ) and now onto:

2. When my FMC’s are embarrassed or sad (more embarrassed) they hide their face behind their hands. Okay and I just thought of a third one while writing this post…

3. My characters, when they cry, tend to use the heel of their hand to dry their tears (which I also do…when I cry…) ANYWAYS! I also have other writing trends(which I will list in a minute) and I want to know what yours are too(coming to that in a minute) but first before I start to drift off I to my own rambling little world… The list!

So I am going to list my top 5 writing trends (besides the ones i told you above) and I want you to do the same (in the comments) so here we go:

NUMBER 1: My characters always have/or had at least one older brother.
The reason: I (the oldest in my family) have ALWAYS wanted an older brother…Why I don’t know but…whatever…

NUMBER 2: My Female Main Character is REALLY short compared to my Male Main Character(example: In my WIP Unbreakable, My FMC, Billie, is 4.11 and Kenton is 6.3
Reason: Why I don’t know…maybe it’s cause(though not as extreme) my parents are like that. My dad is 6.4 and my mom is about 5.5-5.6 (so I made it a little more extreme but still….

NUMBER 3: Kinda following what I just said… My Male Main Characters are at THE SHORTEST 6 feet and at the tallest 6.5
Reason: Like I said my dad is 6.4 and I have an uncle who is like 6 foot 7 I think(don’t panic people I’m not a giant…I’m about 5.8) I have so far NEVER had a character as tall as my uncle though…yet….

NUMBER 4: MY ANTAGONISTS! They tend to be either: A.) a weird psychopathic person or B.) a weird, psychopathic, MUTANT, creature thing.
Reason: Cause having your antagonist being slightly Psyco is interesting to write and the whole mutant thing, that’s cool!

NUMBER 5: My Female Main Characters tend to act all tough(and sometimes mean) and has no problem using a weapon in defense of herself but inside they’re total girly-girls and just want someone to notice that they are hurting.
Reason: because I know multiple people who are like that (minus the *ahem* using a weapon in defense )…it’s a sad thing…AND it also can give your character a dark or really sad past that they are trying to hide *insert evil laugh here*

So please comment your top 5 (with the reason why(or why you think) you do it cause I’m very interested in what your top writing trends are.)

Adriana Gabrielle


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